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Hibernia College

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by jwest0, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I have just been offered a place on the elearn ITT Secondary Maths course with Hibernia College. It sounds like a fantastic course as it will also provide me with some much needed subject knowledge. Has anyone else got experience of Hibernia? I'd like to know how they found or are finding the experience of distance learning- is there a good support network, is it a lonely existence doing the course from home?
    Any help and advice would be greatly apprecited.
  2. Hiya, i have an interview for the exact same course on friday 16th..... can you give me any advice on the interview? any questions? help on the "tests". I would really appreciate it. I must admit i am slightly worried about the maths apptitude test as i also need the maths enhancement and dont know what level the questions will go up to, does it go up to A-Level?
    Thankyou Stacy x
  3. Hi Congrats. I've just applied to Hibernia College awaiting response. I need the SKE as well.
    Any tit bits on the test and interview will be very helpful.

  4. I was really impressed by the way the interview was conducted and the format was well organised. I was made to feel very welcome at the Hub school which made me feel less nervous on the day.
    The format was in line with what is on the Hibernia website- a presentation, written task, short maths test and a classroom activity. Don't worry too much about the maths test- I would say it is aimed between GCSE and A Level standard.
    As this is a fairly new course I'd love to hear from anyone who has had experience of online learning.

  5. How long did you have to wait to hear from them? i keep obsessively checking my emails, its only been a week but the course starts in April :S
  6. Thank you.
    I have now got an interview at Hibernia.
    Does anyone else?
    Is there any new developments with the interwiew process?

  7. Just got in on the same course with the same college.
    Have you made links with any one with experience of Hibernia yet?
    And when do you start July or September?

    It will be good to compare notes.
  8. Hi Have you already had your interview? I have my interview in 2 weeks for Maths. I am worried about the presentation and the aptitude test as I need the SKE course!

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I am looking to start in September if I get in. Thanks.
  9. Sorry I haven't been here for a while.
    I guess you've had your interview by now. How did it go?

  10. Hi Stacy, i hope u got in and if so when do you start?
    I start 24/09/12. Just looking if there is anyone I can compare notes with once i start.
    please get in touch!
  11. Hiya Toski2,
    Yeah i did get onto the course :D however i started in April so i have been doing it for the past few months, its going well, just gotten the first 2 maths modules out of the way, some have been hard but there are forums set up specifically for people on this course that you can use if stuck
  12. Stacie, congrats. i know its been a while now. Have u had any school placement yet?
    I have my induction coming saturday 29/09/12. Looking forward to it.
    Any word of advice would be appreciated.
  13. Hey RLama! whats up with the course, how did the interview go etc ?
    will b good to hear from u.

  14. Hi
    I've just applied for the maths secondary course with Hibernia college. Can you throw any light on the interview and the maths test. I need to do the SKE for maths and am concerned it may be way above my level.
    Really appreciate any help you can throw my way.


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