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Hi there community Hallo liebe Deutschlehrer Time for a coffee?

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by CindyKuehne, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. CindyKuehne

    CindyKuehne New commenter

    Hi there community Hallo liebe Deutschlehrer

    I have searched and searched the forum and I have only found a handful of German teachers
    So to make a start and fill the gap I would love to introduce myself to the tes community ☺️

    I´m Cindy from Leipzig, Germany. I have been a German and English teacher for more than 12 years now. And I love coffee breaks ☕️. Coffee is just great.

    Since I have always disliked working with the often boring textbooks I always focused on using authentic and engaging materials. Over the years I have realized how much my students benefit most from lessons where THEY are the leaders, where THEY are encouraged to be proactive and learn from each other. Handing over the reins to my students doesn’t make me weaker as a teacher. It makes them responsible for their own learning and is highly motivating.

    I don’t want my students to be sailors. I want them to be CAPTAINS!

    (And I want coffee!)

    My teaching resources are made to enable students to USE the language. This is why you will always find the communicative approach - even simple crosswords come with ideas for speaking activities.

    All of my resources have been tested in class and will be updated regularly.

    Thanks for your comments, questions and feedback ☺️

    It would be so great to get to know other German teachers from around the world so you might want to leave a comment here and link to your shop?


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