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HFW years 2 and 3 on small 'flashcards'

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Lilaclady, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Lilaclady

    Lilaclady New commenter

    I'm looking for HFW which I can print on to small cards, or stickers which I can then stick on to card, to make individual sets of spellings. All the flashcards I have come across seem to have one word per line. Does anyone know where I can find some smaller versions? Thanks
  2. Lulabelle89

    Lulabelle89 New commenter

    If it's just a case of wanting them smaller you could just print lots of 'cards' per page? So if you're using a *** resource when printing select multiple pages per sheet and instead of one word per page you can have 2,4,8 etc depending on the size you want. You could print straight onto card and just chop up? Hope this helps.
  3. Lulabelle89

    Lulabelle89 New commenter

    I promise I didn't use a rude word! I named a popular resource you can download things for free from and it mustn't be allowed... :p
  4. Lilaclady

    Lilaclady New commenter

    I could do , thanks, but I usually use stickers or per-cut cards to save time, so would need to copy and past on to a template. I suppose what I am really looking for is something that isn't a pdf so can be customised.

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