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HFW phase 2/3/4/5 word mats if anyones interested?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by pleasemiss, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Could I have a copy please if they're still available. Thanks in advance. e-mail: sazdaniali@aol.com
  2. are these still available? You must be exhausted with all the responses, but i'd love a copy if you don't mind. Thanks in advance. Elbee
  3. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

    Hello pleasemiss

    If you're exhausted with emailing the files out to everybody again and again, you can either upload it to the TES resources collection or send it to me at incoming(at)brendenisteaching.com and I'll upload it temporarily to my server so people can download it without waiting.
  4. could you put them on resources? I don't like to give out my email but these sound really useful.
  5. Sam07

    Sam07 New commenter

    please could you email me some too!!

  6. Sam07

    Sam07 New commenter

  7. Hello, thank you for all your interest in the word mats! I am gradually working my way through the emails - I think I am now on page 25 or 26. If you don't already know this, by following the emails, I am unable to upload to resources despite numerous attempts. The files keep being returned for some reason - TES just tell me to keep trying which I did several times - now I have given up! I have also tried to convert them to Word but the size is all distorted and it would mean I would have to start from scratch again. I'm afraid you will have to bear with me. If you don't want to leave your email on here, email me at pleasemiss@fsmail.net and I will send them as soon as poss.
    Thanks again for your interest and for those of you who have replied so far with feedback x

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