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Hey, peaceful protesters...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Aquamarina1234, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Aquamarina1234

    Aquamarina1234 Star commenter

    In line with international advice, I take it you'll all be self-isolating for a fortnight?

    You have a right to protest about a clear injustice. You have the choice to not exercise that right at a time that endangers your whole community.
    Instead you took the opportunity at the very worst time you could, in wilful breach of the gathering of 6 and 2m rules. The TV pictures do make it appear you are mainly of an age unlikely to be killed by Covid-19, whereas I, for example, am.

    You returned to your communities as a potent infection risk.
    You undid all the sacrifice others made for 12 weeks.
    You better never complain about Dominic Cummings again.
    You are each personally responsible for the dead of a second spike.
    Your utter hypocrisy appals me.
  2. sodalime

    sodalime Star commenter

    Indeed and well said. The now unused time slot of 8pm on a Thursday could have been reappropriated for the protestor purposes.
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  3. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    Are you suggesting we all go out and boo the protesters? A good idea but I doubt it'll catch on.
  4. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    The stupidity of holding a mass protest during a pandemic aside, I was disgusted by the scenes of the agitators once the mass protest had seemingly ended on Saturday.
    I was watching a live feed on Sky, which focused on a line of police officers attempting to stop protesters entering a particular area (it might have been Downing St). They had no PPE - their faces were completely exposed to the line of protesters who were right in their faces. One young woman was yelling at them. There may have been others acting similarly - all of them ignoring the social distancing rules and putting the police officers lives at risk. I was absolutely outraged that the police just had to stand there and take it. Not just abuse, potentially a death sentence!
    And not half enough has been said about the fate of the police woman knocked off her horse. Appalling that she has suffered a broken collarbone, collapsed lung and shattered ribs.
  5. Kandahar

    Kandahar Star commenter

    Whereas in Bristol, the police stood by doing nothing as a public statue was torn down -rolled some distance to the harbour and tossed in. No attempt to prevent criminal damage - no arrest of the perpetrators.

    The police are now impotent.
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  6. FriarLawrence

    FriarLawrence Senior commenter

    I completely share the outrage of Americans who object to a militarised force killing disproportionate and large numbers of black people with seeming impunity.

    I can't for the life of me see how that situation is relevant to Britain, where 163 deaths in custody - total - have been recorded in the last decade (obviously each is a tragedy, but the US chalks up around 2000 every three years or so). Where our policing is mostly unarmed and community-based and largely by consent. Screaming STOP KILLING US at our police is just idiotic.

    And, as other posters note, we're in the middle of a ******* pandemic, for Christ's sake. Grow up.

    The discourse around white collective guilt, by the way, which I've objected to before on here (despite being supportive, as I say, of the critique against the USA and its police) is thoroughly dismantled in an excellent Medium post I saw earlier, which takes one of the current trendy "must read" books and gives it an elegantly logical shoeing:

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  7. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    Having such a protest at this time feels like a real shot in the foot for their cause. My gut response is that they're a load of selfish idiots, which I don't think was the message they were trying to get across!
  8. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    Probably includes a lot of frustrated football hooligans missing their weekly punch up.
  9. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    I despair..........................
    I dislike racism or any kind of bullying over race, religion, sexuality, politics....anything.
    But I cannot and will never condone public violence and mob hysteria as the way ahead. Not just during a pandemic (and how many protestors will refuse to send their children back to school?) but at all times.
    What happened in the USA is wrong. Shocking. But the police officers involved are being dealt with appropriately. It has opened the world's eyes to something that should be consigned to the history books....................but not like this.
    And these selfish pr1cks (because that is what they are), together with the hordes who flocked to the beaches, have just p155ed in the face of all of us who are doing our very best to comply with government recommendations so we can resume our 'normal' lives as soon as possible.
    As for the statue............I was not aware of its existence until this morning. I agree it is not in good tadste in today's enlightened (!) society. But it is not up to the mob to rip it down and endorse criminal damage. And as for the Cenotaph..............disgusting beyond belief. Those who damaged this are only free to do so because of the huge sacrifices it represents.
    Ashamed to be British at times like this.
  10. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    How is 1985? Give it my regards.
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  11. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    The increased mixing and this weekend's demonstrations are not good in terms of Covid-19 transmission. However, the government have been relaxing restrictions over a few weeks now, and seem dead set on a return too "normality" despite the rising R value and increasing cases. Let's face it, we're almost there now. Schools are opening, shops are opening, more mixing is allowed etc.

    The govt are leading this and promoting it. Why? I don't know. It's beyond me. It's difficult to blame people when the government are setting such a stupid example to them.
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  12. adultsocialcare

    adultsocialcare Occasional commenter

    The "protests" were nothing to do with black lives. They were to do with mobs looking for an excuse to riot. And I'm outraged at the BBC's reporting. If black lives matter, so do the lives of the police in the UK who are always there for us when we need them. Yet the BBC belittled and dismissed repeatedly both the fact that they had to be there to police the mobs in the middle of a pandemic, and the many many injuries suffered by the police. The police have done a magnificent job in the UK, and during these riots, for that is all they are, have shown great restraint and common sense.

    And where was Starmer while all this was going on? At the very least, you'd expect him to be standing on the base of a statue somewhere, waving a red flag and saying that it's all Boris' fault, it's all Cummings' fault, it's all Brexit's fault etc. Not a peep from the Labour leadership. Not a peep.

    So much for Labour and "Prepare for Government". They are a disgrace for not condemning the mobs, the BBC biased reporting and for not praising the police.
  13. install

    install Star commenter

    Imho, I don’t get the impression that speeches like this will solve the problem of UK rioting or the apparent current lack of policing on UK streets.

    Although similar speeches after riots are all well intended, maybe the UK needs to actually look at it’s policing far more and especially over the Summer months imo.

    There were Summer riots too in the UK in 2011. So I’d like to add this to the debate:

    ‘ Protests started in Tottenham, London, following the death of Mark Duggan, a local man who was shot dead by police on 4 August.[9]

    Several violent clashes with police ensued, along with the destruction of police vehicles, a double-decker bus and many homes and businesses, thus rapidly gaining attention from the media.

    Overnight, looting took place in Tottenham Haleretail park and nearby Wood Green. The following days saw similar scenes in other parts of London, with the worst rioting taking place in Hackney, Brixton, Walthamstow, Peckham, Enfield, Battersea, Croydon, Ealing, Barking, Woolwich, Lewisham and East Ham.

    From 8 to 10 August, other towns and cities in England (including Birmingham, Bristol, Coventry, Derby, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, West Bromwich, and Wolverhampton) saw what was described by the media as "copycat violence", with social media playing a role.

    By 10 August, more than 3,000 arrests had been made across England, with more than 1,000 people issued with criminal charges for various offences related to the riots.[10]

    Initially, courts sat for extended hours. There were a total of 3,443 crimes across London that were linked to the disorder.[11] Along with the five deaths, at least 16 others were injured as a direct result of related violent acts.

    An estimated £200 million worth of property damage was incurred, and local economic activity – which in many cases was already struggling due to the recession – was significantly compromised.

    The riots have generated significant ongoing debate among political, social, and academic figures about the causes and context in which they happened.

    Attributions for the rioters' behaviour include social factors such as racial tension, class tension, economic decline, and the unemployment that decline had brought.[6][10
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2020
  14. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Maybe you should take a trip to Specsavers.

  15. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    And police led away people who had put themselves between the Churchill statue and the "protesters" so that it could be defaced.
  16. rararasputin

    rararasputin Lead commenter

    See 11.57 on the live updates for Starmer's views

  17. Morninglover

    Morninglover Star commenter

    In London almost everybody who goes to work (or indeed travels for any other reason) by tube, bus or train would have to then isolate for 14 days by this logic, as how busy public transport has been since March has been well documented.
  18. install

    install Star commenter

    This report gives another insight imo:

    ‘The Queen's representative in Bristol, Peaches Golding, says the removal of Colston's statue risks distracting from opportunities to bridge the racial divide.

    In a statement the Lord Lt of Bristol said Edward Colston had become "the lightning rod" for an uncomfortable legacy.

    "The unlawful actions of a few have successfully hijacked our attention and are poised to stop us focusing on the real opportunities that are around us," she said.

    "Yes, there is more to do. However, we have arrived at a new point.

    "Today there is a greater awareness of how the racial divide drags down society as a whole.

    "There is a willingness among the population as a whole to call out injustice, prejudice and racial hatred.

    "More importantly, there are those in power that are willing to drive through change to make society better, fairer, more just and productive.

    "We can all act to create a better society and it is imperative to so do."
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  19. nixmith

    nixmith Established commenter

    I agree with you about the BBC, but not the other matter, I think the Police (in Bristol) showed the thugs toomuch respect and I fear it may embolden people like them to continue with this type of direct action, all across the country.

    Furthermore, I watched some rolling news at about 11.15am this morning: groups of people congregating at the (empty) plinth in Bristol, taking photos etc. However, the empty platform was still 'decorated' with 'BLM' placards, why has nobody in authority removed these?
  20. rararasputin

    rararasputin Lead commenter

    They have removed them.
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