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Hey, I'm new (with lots of questions!)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by pigginkt, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. pigginkt

    pigginkt New commenter

    Hey everyone!

    I'm 25, getting married 31st March (eeeek!) and came off the pill halfway through the pack middle of January, we've been trying for a baby since then, took a pregnancy test a week ago and it was negative... although I haven't had a period yet? I think it should come soon as I'm gaining weight (is that normal?) and I'm getting cramps... any advice? Does it take a long time after coming off the pill (I was using Brevinor)

    Also, I really don't understand the whole ovulation dates etc... I can't remember when I had my last period, maybe around Christmas time?

    I guess I'm basically asking what do I do? I'm abit clueless!

    Can anyone help?


  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I took a pregnancy test when my period was 2 days late and it was negative, but I was pretty sure I was pregnant, so i waited 5 days and did another test (a digital one) and it was positive. Some tests aren't as sensitive as others.
    I used to take Cilest, one you take for 3 weeks then have a week's break and withdrawal bleed. When I tried for my first baby I got pregant just after stopping the pill. I finished a pack, then had the week's break, then got pregnant the week after. Sometimes it can make you super fertile, but maybe it depends on the pill you take.
    I started taking the same pill again when my son was a few months old, and came off it to TTC baby number 2, and I got pregnant the 3rd month of trying.
    Weight gain is normal when you get your period though. I put on about an inch round my hips and waist just through water retention!
    Both times i was pregnant I felt like i was about to come on...cramps, hormonal etc. With my daughter I also got really bad spots.
    Maybe wait a few days then do another test?
    Good luck! And also good luck for your wedding!
  3. pigginkt

    pigginkt New commenter

    Yup we're going on honeymoon a week after the wedding, but neither of us are big drinkers anyway... is it worth going to the doctors so they can explain to me what's going on? I feel totally clueless!

    My boobs are really sore at the moment, could that be a sign... or just a non pill-related TOTM (Which I haven't had since I was 15!)

    I'll try a digital test and report back!

    Thanks :)
  4. pigginkt

    pigginkt New commenter

    Oooh hopefully! Very romantic :)
  5. pigginkt

    pigginkt New commenter

    Well I took a digital test and it's a BFN... soo the sore nipples, bloating etc are probably post-pill AF coming, wish it would hurry up!

    Maybe next month? :)
  6. At the risk of being negative its a good thing - enjoy your wedding amd honeymoon first it isnt just about drinking but some people (and I am one) get disabling sickness. Other people feel rough enough for it to ruin things for you. If AF arrives today personally I would use contraception this month because it really is only a few weeks.
  7. pigginkt

    pigginkt New commenter

    Good point, don't want it to ruin anything! thanks you for replying.

    I worked out that my last period was 16th January, so AF should come any day now I hope!
  8. I must say that I'd not really realised how ill pregnancy could make you before having mine. I too would have been unable to sit upright for any length of time at a wedding, let alone eat (or even sip water!) for the firs 4 months of either of my pregnancies.
    Most people don't get so ill as that but even just being really tired and a bit bleurgh would be such a shame for your wedding and honeymoon, which are never-repeated occasions that you should make sure you can enjoy
  9. Totally agree that you might want to wait - I had excruciating stomach pains in the first two months of my pregnancy that made me feel faint and I certainly wouldn't have wanted to get married whilst those were going on! Plus there's always someone who can't just leave you be if you aren't drinking etc and you don't want to be outed at your wedding if you're not ready to tell people by then.
  10. fairy78

    fairy78 New commenter

    I agree with the previous posters about it perhaps being a good thing if negative... no alcohol, maybe sick, maybe overwhelmingly tired... not so great for your wedding day!

    However, I had just come off the pill and started doing ovulation tests every day... period was due but had had no positive ov test, no period and negative pregnancy tests up to day 5, when I gave up. On day 10 after period was due I did a pregnancy test on the off-chance (convinced myself it had to be early menopause!) and it was faintly positive! Repeated with Clearblue dating test and I was definitely pregnant, 4-5 weeks. I'd been on the pill for 5 years and I'm 33. Doctor told us most women get pregnant within a year of trying, but that I would have a fertility surge straight after coming of the pill.

    Enjoy your wedding day whatever happens. Good luck x

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