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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Deb72, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Deb72

    Deb72 New commenter

    Just wanted to wish myself and everyone else good luck tomorrow for our interviews. [​IMG]
  2. Deb72

    Deb72 New commenter

    Just wanted to wish myself and everyone else good luck tomorrow for our interviews. [​IMG]
  3. Also wishing everyone and myself good luck for tomorrow! My panel interview is not till next week but got the written test part tomorrow! Good luck :)
  4. Ah I have my written test tomorrow, and the panel interview next week too!

    Good luck to everyone!
  5. Deb72

    Deb72 New commenter

    Ive got my panel interview this Friday. Then it's a long wait!!!
  6. Do you know when we will hear? :)
  7. It's so horrible isn't! Just want to know so I can plan moving and getting myself ready for September! Wait for the postman everyday just in case it comes sooner than next week!! Not much longer! Thought from this post some of you had heard!! Started to panic!! Good luck :)
  8. My letter came this morning - I'm on the course and with funding! Phew
  9. I didn't get a place either, I received my letter today. Utterly devastated doesn't even cover it.

    Do you know what is meant by the reserve list? I imagine that is put on everyone's letters to err... soften the blow shall we say? I'm going to ring them tomorrow and find out. I don't want to start pinning any hopes on getting a place through that!
  10. Ha ha mine didn't even say that!!! Gutted even more now! At least you have some hope!!
  11. Oh no I'm sorry Manzed! I think I'd rather know for sure than getting my hopes up for nothing to come of it!

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do now, this is all so tough :(
  12. Really not sure what to do??? Being a career changer and told you don't have enough experience is frustrating. It's hard to gain experience and hold down a full time job! Not sure how you are supposed to get into teaching if you are not given the chance. Especially when the Head of your supporting school and other teachers you have worked with can see your potential! Feeling very disheartened by it all at the moment! :(
  13. Sorry to hear you didn't get on! Why not try em direct? I am a career changer and have a place for sept. The application closes in 10 days ish and they are nationwide providing they can get a tutor in your area

    Check the website.

    Good luck !
  14. Deb72

    Deb72 New commenter

    Sorry to hear of those that didnt get in :(
    I was and still am shocked that I got a place, despite an awful interview. Roll on the hard work [​IMG]

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