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Hertfordshire Uni Primary PGCE 2010 start

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kirbymwatts, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    Kids are off school for Easter at the moment so pretty busy trying to keep them amused! Off to Nanny McPhee in a mo! I've been advised not to read anything until the course starts but am working my way very slowly through one of the books on the list I posted ages ago. I am going to concentrate on getting practical things sorted which in our house involves moving my children' bedrooms around so I can reclaim the smallest room as an office. As I am going to be spending a lot of time working in the house, I wanted somewhere to escape to away from everyone. I'm also planning to get a new hard drive for my husband's old laptop as our home PC is out of the arc and might die on me. Once I've got the office set up I will probably get stocked up on files etc and go on a stationary shopping spree!
    I do plan to work on my subject knowledge a bit nearer the time but I read somewhere that you have to take the skills tests in your last year of study which for me will be 2011/12. I plan to work a bit on maths, English and ICT and then do some of the test papers that you can access online to see how far away I am on being able to pass.
    I will still be helping out in school next term so I plan to complete my diary towards the end of term so it is relatively fresh for Sep.
    All I know is that it feels like yesterday that I was saying 'it's 6 months away' and now it is almost 5 months until we are all due on campus so once we get into the summer term, time is going to fly by and for me, once the summer holiday starts I won't be able to get much done at all. So the clock is ticking!
  2. Hi all
    I'm going to be a full time stay at home mum till the course starts. They are only very little (2.5 and 1) so I'm going to really enjoy spending loads of time doing the domestic goddess thingy!
    I have ordered a few book from ebay from ex pgce students and really like one by Derek Haylock called Mathmatics explained for primary teachers. I think some student teachers on this site mentioned it too.
    Anyway I have accidently aquired two copies (that's late night bulk bidding for you, haha!).
    Obviously I don't need two (despite the rustiness of my maths!) so v happy to pop it in the post for free to whoever gets back to me first.
    Maybe email is best for address etc so drop me a message to philippamarch@googlemail.com and maybe post on here that you have asked for it to stop future posters (if that makes sense, daughter teething, lacking sleep today!).
    take care
  3. Me please [​IMG] I'll drop you a mail x
  4. No probs Lynsey, enjoy!
  5. Thanks again!! [​IMG]
  6. Well obtained! I have this book and its been really great - i'm slowly working through each chapter and planning to move on to Engish etc etc. I think i've read my body weight in books just on teaching and teaching through play etc etc (i'm doing lower primary). I think topping up subject knowledge as much as possible is the way forward, especially before we have to assess the gaps when we get our welcome pack, I think? I've been lucky enough to lay my hands on last years PGCE books so thought they would point me in the right decision at least.
    I've also spotted "passing your QTS exams in...." for the english, ICT and math tests on amazon which are quietly calling me but i'm going to do the online tests and see how far out of the loop I am [​IMG]
    I can't believe time is going so quickly!!! We'll soon be there!! AAAAA!

  7. Hi everyone!
    Slightly confused by all the dates, are you all starting in Sept 2010??
    Anyways, i have an interview next week!AAAAHHH! So scared. But all your advice is brilliant and iam going to keep reading them and just prepare myself-also had a careers interview to boost interview technique!
    Well done to everyone who has got on the course, and thanks again for the advice!This web forum is awesome!

    Laura x
  8. GOOD LUCK Laura for next week, i'm sure as you've already read on here - being yourself and being enthusiastic seem to be the most important things in the interview as you don't get very long to 'sell yourself'. Just enjoy your day! Everyone you meet there is so nice, inc the interveiwers! Keep us posted on how you do and hopefully we'll see you back on here in a couple of weeks celebrating.
  9. o yeah - forgot. If you mean all the different dates re our placements etc its because some people on here are fulltime (like me) and others are doing the flexi route. I'm prob not the best person to answer this as I haven't looked into the flexi route but i'll try...We're all starting in Sept 2010 but the flexi route can be done over a varying amount of months so from 12 months to 24months (I think) maybe longer i'm not sure. (where the fullktime route is one full academic year) so depending on how long you plan on spreading your course out your placement dates, assignment dates etc will vary to correspond.
    Hope this helps and hope its near enough right [​IMG]
  10. Thanks-i think something is wrong with my computer as some people's posts are dated July 09 hence why i got slightly confused!
    Started to panic a bit this eve so trying to keep my mind clear...Also worried incase they ask about funding through the course, wasnt even aware you could get bursary's etc (thought only a loan!)until i read it on here-i'll have to have a quick look at it all.
    I've applied for flexi route so hoping interview is similar!
    Thanks again
    Laura [​IMG]
  11. Hey, yeah, the interview is the same for everyone, flexi and fulltime - you're all there together. Its all thrown together in the info presentation so you just pick out the bits relevant for you. Have you seen the slides from he interview day on the hertfordshire uni website? if you go to school of education they're down the right hand side, along with the 1st assignment.
    Trust me, there is no time to ask about funding or anything like that, there's only 3 questions I think it was in the interview, your usual standard ones, why would you make a good teacher etcetc just make sure you refer back to your own experiences and back it all up with real examples as much as you can.
    Re funding I assume they assume that you wouldn't be applying if you couldn't afford it. But yeah, aslong as your a home student you are entitled to a bursary of £4K - if you're flexi I think the payments are spread out over your terms. Also if your household income is less than 50K (when you are studying) your entitled to a maintainance grant aswell as your loan. I live with my boyfriend so have managed to get this as well as a tuition fee loan and a loan so it's not too bad all in all!
    Jut relax and goodluck
  12. Great thanks i'll look at that now. I will actually be re-locating to the area if i get on this course as my partner lives in Hertfordshire, so the form filling will be even more complicated as we do not live together yet!
    Just been re reading everyone's posts on here-just looking forward to getting it all over and done with!
  13. Good luck for your interview la-86! As everyoone has said it's really quite a relaxed day. I know that does't help too much before your interview when you're a little nervous but it's true!
    Let us know how you get on and best of luck![​IMG]
  14. Sorry about all the typos in my previous post, rubbish keyboard (note to self need new one before September!) not an illiterate teacher to be - honestly!! Lol

  15. Good Luck Laura (la_86)! I'm doing flexi and as everyone has said on here just be yourself and you'll be fine. It will be over before you know it. I found it really helpful to get there early and speak to other people who are there for the interview too as it does make it easier in the group presentation.
    I'm sure you'll be fine and we look forward to hearing how you got on!!!
  16. Thanks everyone-your all so supportive and positive!
    Nerves def kicked in now, im wondering if what i am wearing is suitable!
    Well fingers crossed!
  17. Hi all,
    Just a quick question! I know we start on September the 20th but just wondered if anyone knew the 'end' date? I am doing the flexible, though in 1 year, so I presume I will (hopefully!!) finish at the same time as the 1yr full timers.
    I assume we finish after the official University summer term?
    Thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer!
  18. Hey Pippa,
    I don't have a definate end date but as far as i'm aware you're on your last placement and teaching up until the school you are in breaks up. Not sure if you have anything to tie up as such in uni afterwards, I think your last observation and chat is in the school with your mentor etc. It will by July sometime I would have thought.
    Think graduation was July/August couple of years ago.
    Sorry - not much help!
  19. Also ladies, I was thinking ahead - I know that it is a while in the future, but I was thinking ahead to our drink because we'll be all over the place nearer the time and with holidays etc, I didn't know whether it worth discussing a potential date now? do you want to say first saturday in Sept? Early afternoon? for a couple of drinks in the Airfield near Uni. That is a couple of weeks before the course so we can iron out any last minute worries and get to know eachotehr a little before the big day? If the thought of agreeing to it now blows your mind then thats cool, now worries, just a thought [​IMG]
    I hope you're enjoying the lovely weather.
  20. That's really helpful, thanks Kirby. I'm being a bit forward thinking I know but trying to be organised, so thanks!
    Re arranging a date to meet up, great idea! The first Sat in September is the 4th and I'm def free and up for that! If others can make it too, it will be good to pop in the diary!
    Thanks again!

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