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Hertfordshire Uni Primary PGCE 2010 start

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kirbymwatts, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hi Issy,
    As you've probably seen there is loads of really good advice on here and all I would add is to be enthusiastic in your 121 interview - it is over really quickly so you won't have much chance but if you manage to show them you really want to do this I think that counts for a lot. The other thing is to be able to reflect on what you've seen during your school experience. Again, you don't really get much opportunity - just the 10 min interview and the group task when it can be difficult to get points across when everyone else is trying to do the same thing! I think if you can talk about a specific classroom experience as an example of something you are trying to discuss i.e. what makes a good learner for the group task, then you will come across well.
    Above everything - be yourself and don't worry too much as all the interviewers are really nice and no one is trying to catch you out, just give you the opportunity to do your best.
    Good luck and let us know how you get on!

  2. Anyone else having problems with the student finance website today? Finally found time to sit down and tackle it and I can't get onto the site!
  3. Hi all,
    I found out last week I too have a place on the flexi this September!! So chuffed! I can't wait to read all the previous messages on this thread once my daughter is not harrasing me to play!
    Congratulations to us all! I look forward to chatting more over the next few months [​IMG]
    That pre course drink sounds a great idea!
    sorry jaybee1, not tried the website today but have had a few probs over the past week. Keep trying I guess, though once you log in the fun really starts eh!
  4. Hey Pippa,
    WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS. It's all very exciting!! Not long to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you doing lower or upper?
    Hope the previous messages help you out and cover any questions.
    Looking forward to chatting more and catching up over that drink.
  5. Congratulations Pippa! I too am doing the flexi. Can't wait... though am a bit a scared!!!

  6. Hi!!
    Thank you!! Im so chuffed to have got offered a place though now that excitement is slowly turning into nerves too, hehe!
    I'm doing flexi and said I was more interested in upper though fully expect to change my mind about 100 times during teaching practice!
    The previous messages have been a huge help, from worrying about not getting a letter from Uni just GTTR to just seeing that we are a nice normal group. I think I may be a slight control freak as am desperate to know when teaching practice is and where my placment is, still, all in good time!
    I live locally in WGC so not far for me to go when I am in Uni, how about you Kirbymwatts and Lynseymt (and of course) everyone else?
    Great to of got in touch, will chat soon,
  7. Congratulations Pippa! I'm also doing flexi and from your previous post it sounds like you have kids so I wondered whether you are doing it in 1 year, 18 months, 2 years? I have 3 daughters aged 2, 5 and nearly 7 so am taking the longer route and just hoping I can manage the course with family life. There is a thread on here called advice for students with young families (or something like that) and it is TERRIFYING! I think it's on the student teacher forum but I almost wish I hadn't read it. Oh well - will just have to up my organisation skills!
    I'm about 10 mins further up the A1 to you - between Hitchin and Stevenage and like you am really curious as to where my placments will be. I wonder how early you find out? My first placement won't be until Summer term next year but would still be really useful to know how local it is. Basically if I get sent to Watford or Barnet I will have an absolute nightmare trying to get the kids to where they need to be and still get to school on time. I'm sure everyone has their own logistical issues so just hope we all get where we want.
    Anyway - it's always nice to here when someone else gets a place so nice to here from you.
  8. Thanks grievej! [​IMG]
    Firstly, Im sure that after having three children to look after, amuse and organise you will be absolutley fine with anything the PGCE throws at us. Well, I hope thats the case, I have two angels (ahem!) a 2.5 year old boy and a 1 year old daughter.
    Perhaps optimistically I am aiming for the 1 year pathway. I was a bit unsure but at the interview they did say that it's quite easy to lengthen the time you take once you get going. I'm quite a night owl and have the in laws living close by who have promised to help so we shall see...
    Oh dear, I dont want to read the scary students with children article, sometimes it's best just not to know, lol!! That said however, I have been scouring the internet for any info on the PGCE I can get my hands on, turning slightly obssesed actually!
    Like you, I do sometimes have a moment of panic where my placement is in the back of beyond, or worse barnet (argghhh the traffic!!). I remember at the interview though that they said they aim for no more than a 40 min journey and that they do try and match your general area. There must be lots of schools in Stevenage?! All will be revealed and time just seems to be flying at the mo..
    Thanks again for your message, look forward to chatting more before September!
  9. Hey,
    I think we're all turning slightly obsessed with the PGCE - what to read? placement info? current educational issues? hehe, I take it as a good sign that i'm turning mad and interpretting it as that its obviously what I want do! And the fact is, it's going to be our life (PGCE, NQT year and then beyond) so may as well jump in with both feet!
    I am local too - st albans so i'm also hoping placements will be close - there's tonnes of schools here so shouldn't be too much of a problem (I hope). And i'm very close to uni so fingers crossed. We're going to have so much work on as it is - we don't want to be wasting time commuting and what not!
    I think most people on this forum are flexi so you should have lots of peers and support. I'm fulltime - for my sins! But figured get it out of the way and i'll be teaching next year! Scary really!
    I think the nerves (for me anyway) are of the unknown and subject knowledge gaps etc so i''m just reading reading reading as much as I can. The more I read the better I feel. I've actually suprised myself especially on the maths part!
    Seems like we're all close ish anyway so hopefully everyone will be OK for meeting for a drink.

  10. grieveJ you mentioned your 1st placement is in the summer term next year and that your doing flexible on the longer route. Did you ask on your interview as I've not found anything on flexi placements? I asked if they had an example of the structure at my interview as they only told us the full time structure but they hadn't brought one with them. I'm looking at completing in 18 months so I assume mine will be at a similar time?? Do you know when your longer placement is?
    Lynsey x

  11. Hi Lynsey,
    I got sent an attachment from the admissions team before my interview as I was asking about the timetable. Can't work out a way of attaching it or posting it somewhere so I've cut out the relevant bit for you.
    18 month route:11 weeks & 3 days block in school at the end of your study – this arranged by UH in a partnership school. If anyone else wants me to post up the 12, 15 or 24 month versions I'd be happy to.
  12. Aaagh! It didn't format very well, basically, the first placement is the 5 week block, then the research one is 2 days per week over 6 weeks, then the final long one is 11 weeks + 3 days. Hope it makes sense!
  13. Thank you so much that is really really helpful!
  14. HI Jane,
    Just wondered if you would mind posting the placement timings for the 1 year PGCE? I am doing the flexi but imagine it's the same timings as the full time course.
    I can't wait to hear a little more about the structure of the course so I can start making plans!!
    Many thanks
  15. Hi Pippa,
    I am doing the Flexi route over one year too - looking forward to finally meeting everyone on here!
  16. I've tried to upload it to the shared resources part of this site. Apparently all you need to do is click on my username and it will take you to my resources of which this is currently the only one! Failing that I've called it 'Flexi Timetable' so you could just do a search. I got sent it by the the admissions team so I presume it's fine to share it. It gives the timings of the placements for the 12, 15, 18 and 24 month flexi routes.
    Hope you find it!
  17. Hi Scarlettmurphy!
    Good to meet you! Like you, am looking forward to getting together and having a good chat before the course starts. Can't wait to get going though think time will fly by and before long we will be looking back at the summer, lol!
  18. Brilliant, thanks! [​IMG]
    I'm still in that information gathering phase so that's really helpful (dauting but helpful, haha!)
  19. Thanks grievej! That's really helpful!
    Hey Pippa, I am the same! Seem to be gathering as much info as possible - am in danger of info overload! I keep thinking that I don't know what will be useful so I should just get everything! I will be working full time right upto when we start so am hoping to make a start on any assignments asap!!
    What is everyone else upto before September?

  20. I'm working full time too so spending my evenings trying to get to grips with primary maths at the moment then I'm going to move onto brushing up my grammar. I need to make a start on the school experience diary but not sure how to set this out at the moment.
    I really want my welcome pack now so I can make a start on the actual reading list. Resisting buying anything until I see the official list. Managed to track a couple of books from last years list down at the local libraries.


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