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Hertfordshire Uni Primary PGCE 2010 start

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kirbymwatts, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone!!A massive well done to everyone accepted. I found out this week and im still jumping around excited! I have a question if anyone can help, i remember at my interview being told that we have to reply to the gttr which i have done online and to uni of herts, but how do you reply to the actual uni i havent got a form or anything? I'm worried if i don't accept, my place will be given to someone else. WELL DONE everyone again,you all sound as excited as me! The finance form is ridiculous i tried to fill it in last night but i have no idea what i asked for i applied as an undergraduate as i rang up and was told to do this did anyone else to the same? We should definitely get together for a drink before the course starts and get to know each other. If anyone can help with my question that would be great, thanks. XX
  2. Congratulations! Just on the replying, I seem to remember I got my offer letter through the post about a week after I could see it online, then after about another week or so and after I'd accepted online, they sent me another letter with a reply slip that had to be posted back to the Admissions team at Herts Uni.
    I presume nearer the time they will start things moving re CRB checks and I have no idea whether we are supposed to be doing anything as regards Health Checks? I am in the process of being CRB checked via the school I am helping at but have just realised it probably isn't the 'Enhanced' check so no doubt will have to upgrade it.
    I still can't face the finance form - in fact whatever website I was looking at said the forms for funding for part-time (I'm flexi) courses for 2010 wouldn't be available until the summer?? Must devote some time to looking at it again next week. I think the Uni provides us with the forms for the bursary after we start? Can anyone confirm whether everything else for funding is done via the Directgov website? Thank you!
  3. Hi Col87,
    CONGRATULATIONS on getting on!! You will get sent a confirmation letter from GTTR in the post and there is a slip at the bottom of it and you fill that in and send it to the uni. But you don't get any written confirmation or anything from the uni so it is a bit unsettling - I kept ringing them to make sure they'd received the slip etc etc!
    Yes, the forms are crazy. Did you do your's online? I did mine online and couldn't find PGCE. I rung them up and was told that you had to do it as an undergraduate and it does come up later on on another page. But I was told to ring up after you have filled it all in and double check that it has gone through their system correctly.
    Hope this helps [​IMG]
  4. We replied to Col87 at the same time. O well, at least we both say the same thing!
    I think you're right re the CRB checks. and I think the health check forms come in the packs we're supposed to get in July time. I'm slightly worried about these knowledge assessment thingys that we have to do to see what gaps in knowledge we have. It's worrying that they don't teach us the content and just teach us techniques / resources - I feel I may have alot of re learning to do! hehe.
    Yes, the bursary gets sorted by the uni in our induction week - you can ring the TDA now and double check that you are entitled to it though.
    I am full time but i'm almost 100% that the Directgov website deals with everything. I did mine online and it asks you whether you full time/part time and your planned hours etc so i'm sure you can do it on there and i'm sure you can do as of now.
  5. Thank you for all your replys. I can't wait to start everyone seems so nice. I will have to be patient then and wait for my letter!! i think i will do the same and ring up student finance on monday and see what i actually sent off because it be terrible if come september i get no money!! So annoying that bursary been cut this year from £6000 to £4000 still i didn't know we got anything so i'm quite happy. SO excited i just want to start now is anyone else still doing there degree? im in my last year and i can't concentrate i just want to start my pgce! Thanks for help :)
  6. You're welcome!
    Are you going to be full time Col87?
  7. yeah im full time are you a full timer or flex? this message board is such a good way for us all to chat before we start and ask qs! so glad i found it![​IMG]
  8. Yeah, i'm full time too, lower primary. It's good because at one point there were lots of flexi people on here and I was wonderign where all the full timers were [​IMG]
  9. Hey again!
    Congrats to all the newbies on here! I am Flexi but hoping to do it in a year - i have completed all my Finaince forms and it has all been accepted - have my fees paid and have been awarded a bursary as well as a loan. Then hopefully I can get the Bursary from the Uni too....
    I did the forms on hard copy and if you are doing the Flexi Course, you have to select 'Full time' as it counts as that.
    Have just checked the website too and am loving that they have put on there what we can do now to prepare - working full time until I start will leave less time!
    Think meeting up would be a great idea! Will definately help not to feel so nervous if I recognise some faces!!
  10. Yay! congratulations to the new people on here! If you applied for the wrong fees on the student loans I was told an adjustment would be made as they will contact the university before they pay them anyway so may be worth a phone call to them to check. I miraculously managed to find the correct amount from somewhere!
    A meet up will definitely be good nearer the time.
    What are people doing to prep? I too am scared that my knowledge in the actual subjects is out of date as feels like forever when I was at school. Not sure what's the best way to brush up on these?
  11. Hello All,
    I rang the SLC to double check about amending tuition fee loan amounts and they said we have to fill in a changes of circumstance and a tuition fee loan request form and with a covering letter send them all in! MORE FORMS! They are all on the direct gov website - I have just printed them all off and filled them all in so should be good to go.
    RE prep..i've been getting books out from the library for a while now and making notes on things I think are important or useful or interesting. I figured if the books are on the reading list then great I have done it and got extensive notes already and if they are not i've broadened my reading and knowledge on the area.
    According to previous PGCE students I know it's all about reading around subjects and independently reading up on things if you want a full understanding of everything. So I think the more we read the better!!
    Also i've been getting my weekly TES paper and keeping up to date on current issues.
    I bought the Wray textbook (that was mentioned on the book list somebody posted on here a little while ago - sorry forgot who did it) way back last year, before my interview in aid to prep for it and read around primary teaching and it is a really helpful and informative book. I would recomend. I have been lucky enough that one of my friends has offered to sell me all her old books 2nd hand and she has all the books on the previously posted reading list and more so i'm just going to read and note take as much as I can.
    I was also told that reading children's books is a great help so my boyfriend bought me a roald dahl bookset for christmas and I have read all of those and things like the gruffalo etc etc.
    On the TES website there are loads of fab resources so i've been downloading loads of stufffrom there and reading all the bits and bobs on there (there's good standards resources etc not just lesson ideas) and I also got my copy of the standards ages ago - you can request it off the website and is a really good reference.
    I'm going to start reading around primary subjects next I think to try an either top up my knowledge or identify where my gaps are!
    So I think all we can do is just read read and read and get more classroom experience if we can.
    Hope this helps [​IMG]
  12. Hey everyone,
    Hope you're all OK.
    Yes, he bursaries are guarenteed as long as youare a home student I think and we sign up for it in our induction week.
    Lynsey (and others worried about content knowledge or gaps in knowledge) my friend has given me her old PGCE books and I would really wanted to recomend the david haylock mathematics explained book (i think it's called, haven't got it in fron tof me - it's the one on the previously posted book list) - it strips it right back and covers <u>everything</u>. Bit daunting at first as haven't actually 'done' maths since school but it does come flooding back. It has loads of pointers on how you would teach the topic too and a cd rom which helps with the QTS tests we have.
    The QTS english book also looks good but haven't gotten into it yet so not too sure how beneficial it is yet.
  13. just read that back and my typing was terrible sorry.
  14. I was just wonderig if anyone knew the structure of the year? At the interview I wrote down that we have 18 weeks to spend in school - 5 for the first placement and 10 for the final placement and 4 weeks of 4 days for research. Unfortunately I didn't write anything else so maybe they didn't say but thought it was worth asking. I'm guessing the first placement would be before Christmas but have no idea when the others would be. Just curious!

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  15. Ew, sorry about that random weirdness at the end - no idea where that came from!
  16. Hey Jaybee,
    That randomness seems to happen ALOT on here, very strange!!
    If you look on the Uni Website under school of education etc at the bottom down the right hand side there are some links from our interveiw day - I think interview pack and then there's our first assignment and some others. All the slides from the day are on there with this years timetable on there for an example etc.
    I'm not sure if it has about the placements on there but the previous years (from friends who have down the course and trainees i've met whilst i've been doing experience all seem to be:) - 1st placement beginning of November. And I think the 4 weeks research project is beginning of the next year and then the final placement seems to be after Easter time then runs until end of the academic year ready for our final assessment there before (Hopefully) graduating.
    Hope this helps
  17. Hi everyone,
    Thanks again for all the advice, lots of similar questions I wanted to know are being answered! Just one question though. How long did it take between online offer and offer letter from the uni? Since I have only just accepted my place online but haven't had a letter at all from the uni. Might ring them tomorrow just to check.
    Thanks [​IMG]
  18. Hey,
    There was about a week maybe a bit more inbetween me accepting online and getting a letter. You don't get a letter from the uni, it's from GTTR. You just have to sign a slip attached at the bottom and send it to the uni. You actually never hear from the uni which is a bit rubbish - I kept ringing them to make sure everything was OK. Apparently we don't hear from them until July/August time.
    There is some info on the uni website now though re what to do before the course, start dates etc.
    Hope this helps.
    And well done on getting on. Are you full time /part time? Lower/ upper?
  19. Hi Amy - me again, I don't know why I asked you those questions - I already know! Sorry! One of those days! and I think you told us re website info!!! O dear - it's Monday [​IMG]
    That's my excuse.
    Maybe give it until the end of the week and then ring GTTR / Uni?
  20. Hello everyone, I have just been reading all your advice etc on the forum - I have my Lower Primary interview (Herts uni) Next tuesday - I think I will be one of the last and was hoping for some last minute advice!
    I was worried about the maths but from what I gather there is not even a maths test?! Or if so its not too hard?! I do hope not! Hopefully the essay topic wont have changed and I wont have the extra maths and english test as it says on my letter!!
    Has anyone else got their interview on the 30th?

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