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Hertfordshire Uni Primary PGCE 2010 start

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kirbymwatts, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Oh dear - doesn't look promising does it?
    Just to introduce myself - I just found out I've got a place to start the primary PGCE in Sep and will be doing the Flexi route over 2 years. One question, the status on the GTTR tracking page was updated to unconditional last Friday and I have been able to view my offer letter online, however, I presume they send out a hard copy letter as well? Would be nice to see it in black and white.
    Just starting to look at the nightmare that is funding but I'm not holding out much hope as I took redundancy last year and haven't been working since - i.e. my husband supports me & the kids anyway. Something towards the fees would be very welcome though!
    Anyway, hope to meet some other Flexi people on here as this method of communication will be all too familiar to us once we start!
  2. Hey Grieve j
    Welcome to the group. There are a couple of you doing the flexi route so it's good to get to know people before the course! If you scroll throught he conversation theres only 4 of us on here (5 now) and I think 2 others are flexi.
    I couldn't find my offer letter online! You do get a slip from GTTR which needs signng and sending into the uni but thats all you get i'm afraid! I rang the uni to make sure they'd receieve the GTTR slip as you get no written confirmation! Apparently we will not hear from them until May/June time with a reading list, I guess more info on registration etc. So a little while to wait!
    I am sorry to hear about your redundancy. It is hard times! I am not sure about finance for the flexi option - I am doing fulltime so I think i'm entitled to a little more anyway. If you skim back a little bit I broke it all down / what I have been approved for for someone else (it was all finalised the other day - I was in the first batch - my interview was in November so I think i'm slightly ahead on the process). You will defo get the fees paid for in the form of a loan, if you apply to SLC - thats a given I think. You have to work on last years figures as they haven't been confirmed for our year but you can always claim the difference from SLC if they do go up. And then you will be entitled to a loan only repayable after you stat earning 15k and then if your household income is under 50k you'll also be entitled to a grant. I did this as I live with my boyfirend who unfortunately is on alot less than 50k, they just ask to see a pay slip of his and thats it. In addiiton if you are a home student there is a 4k bursary the uni gives us too (I assume this is relevant to flexi - i'm not sure.)
    I spoke to TDA yesterday re the bursaries and he seemed to think we were defo entitled to it next year, so we shoudl be OK.
    I hope this helps and good luck with the finance!
    Hope to see you in Sept. Are you local?

  3. No worries about the redundancy - I was desperate to get out of my job anyway and it was all voluntary - I started helping in my children's school in sep in various year groups and really enjoyed it so as I'd always had teaching at the back of my mind as something I would like to do later on, I decided to take the plunge and apply. Now I'm on the course I can't wait to get started.
    Thanks for the advice about funding. Seems like it is worth me putting in an application and I think I might speak to TDA anyway for some advice.
    Yes I am fairly local - just south of Hitchin. I gather for the flexi we get put into tutor groups with others that are going at the same pace so if there's anyone out there that intends to take the slow route over 2 years, I'd be glad to hear from you!
    I got my letter through today from the GTTR so it's all confirmed. If anyone else wants to see their offer letter on the Track system you just go to main menu and there should be an option there. Useful, as it has taken 5 days from being updated online to me actually receiving the letter so I was reassured that I could at least see it.
    I know someone that did the course last year who said today they would dig out some course books for me. When I know what they are I'll post in case anyone wants to know in advance of the reading lists coming out.
  4. Congratulations!!
    I am doing flexi over 2 years starting this Sept and I have asked the question regarding finance:
    How does Student Finance work if you are doing your PGCE over 2 years flexible whilst holding a full time job? Will I still be entitled to apply for all the different finance available or will I be limited due to working?
    Trying to find out information for the fllexible PGCE is proving quite difficult and confusing so any help would be gratefully appreciated

    The response I got was:
    <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td class="post">It partly depends on how your course is structured. If your course is classed a full time (some flexible courses are - ask your uni), then you get full support this year and the next. If it's classed as part-time, you get full support spread over 2 years (so half the amount each year). Any earned income (through work) doesn't normally count, unless your course is a commercially sponsored one (e.g. day release), but it doesn't apply to PGCE.
    Bursary is a fixed amount depending on the phase and subject, and is paid over the whole course.
    I asked the uni and our course is still classed as full time which makes it even more confusing to fill in the form.
    As long as your partner does earn over &pound;50000 a year then you should be entitled to all the finance options so definitely worth applying for it all. [​IMG]

  5. That was as long as they don't earn over &pound;50000 oops
  6. Just to point out, they look at your household income for the previous tax year, so for us it'll be 2008/2009.
    This means I will get pretty much zero from them!!!
  7. Yes, but if your current or projected income while you are on the course will be substantially less, you can ask to submit evidence of lower income and to be assessed on that.
    <font face="FrutigerLTStd-BlackCn" size="2" color="#231f20">What if my income is less in tax year 2010-11 than it was in tax year 2008-09?
    <font face="FrutigerLTStd-Roman" size="2" color="#231f20">If the total income for your household (before tax) for the tax year 2010-11 will be at least 15% less than it was in tax year 2008-09, still complete this section.
    From April 2010, it may be possible for the financial assessment to be calculated using the expected total income for your household in the financial year 2010-11 - a 'current year income assessment'.
    &bull; If you are completing this form before April 2010, please give brief details of the expected reduction in income on a separate piece of paper and enclose it with this form. We will then contact you for further information when we can fully assess your household's financial circumstances.
    &bull; If you are completing this form after April 2010, you can download a 'Current Year Income Assessment' form from www.direct.gov.uk/studentfinance and return it with this application or contact us on 0845 300 50 90 to have one sent to you.
    From 'Notes to help you complete your application for Student Finance 2010/11'
  8. Hi again!
    I was just wondering if anyone knew anyone who had any ideas what the reading will be to do before the course? I will be working full time right up to the time we start so was hoping for a head start!!
    Also, does anyone know the dates the course actually starts? I think we have a week altogether first.....
    Congrats again to anyone who has got on the course - will be good to meet everyone!!
  9. I have been very lucky and been given a whole pile of books which were on the reading list a couple of years ago - I can't imagine they will have changed that much but that said, the advice I was given was not to attempt to read them before the course starts. Like you though I am keen to get stuck into something so might have a look through a couple of them. Here's the list:
    Achieving QTS Primary English - Teaching Theory and Practice
    Achieving QTS Primary English - Knowledge and Understanding
    Achieving QTS Teaching Design and Technology at Key Stages 1 and 2
    Achieving QTS Primary Science - Knowledge and Understanding
    Reflective Reader Primary Mathematics
    The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools - Wynne Harlen
    Mathematics Explained for Primary School Teachers - Derek Haylock
    Teachers' Legal Rights and Responsibilites - Jon Berry
    Doing your PGCE at M level - Keira Sewall
    The Teaching of Science in Primary Schools - Wynne Harlen and Anne Qualter
    Learning to Teach in the Primary School - James Arthur, Teresa Grainger & David Wray
    Of course some or all of these might not be on our list and I'm not sure whether there is a separate list for reading prior to us starting the course. So make of this what you will!!
    I thought the course starts towards the end of Sep and yes I'm expecting to be on campus for a week where we get put into tutor groups and get started. Roll on Sep!

  10. Hi,

    I'm on the PGCE-P at Herts, as a full time student.

    Just wanted to let you know about the books, PLEASE don't buy them until you start the course. I have literally all of them, and the only ones I've found necessary to buy if I could repeat the experience are the Maths Reflective Reader, The Haylock maths text (very useful and they ask us to bring both of these to Maths classes) and the Arthur, Grainger and Way text. If you feel you HAVE to read before term starts look at these, but the vast majority on that list are available from the library as ebooks, and the Berry text we were given a copy of at a lecture.
  11. Hiya,
    I have an interview for the PGCEP this year in May. I'm nervous already but knowing stuff like interview questions and generally what to expect is great so thanks for sharing! I have one question though - in the letter I got from Herts about the interview it said that they wanted to check that I can approach primary maths with confidence. I've brushed up on my fractions and feel okay about this, but no one on the forums seems to have mentioned it. Did it come up in your interview day at all?
  12. Hello all.
    I'm in! Yey! No sign of any maths at my interview last month, thankfully!
    JB x
  13. YEAH!! Well done JB. Good to have you on board ;-) Are you full time or part time? and lower primary or upper?
    I think i'm right in saying that we all had the maths test mentioned in our letters and none of us had any hint of a maths test or questions about maths etc etc etc. So don't worry i'm sure it will be the same for you! GOOD LUCK and just remember to be yourself.
    GEMTASTIC thank you for the book hints.
    And thank you for the full book list :)
  14. ......grievej that is - sorry, i had to check who had posted the reading list, I couldn't remember
  15. Hi everyone!
    I am barging in on your messages because I have just found out I have been offered a place at Uni of Herts too - PGCE Lower Primary! I had my interview on 23rd Feb and had to wait a couple of weeks to find out. Very excited, but working full-time at the moment and it seems such a long time to wait.
    To answer someone's question, I think the course induction week for the FT is 20th Sept 2010. You can find it stated in the information supplied on the Uni of Herts website, under School of Education along with some of the details that will be sent with the joining pack later in the year about learning audits etc.... quite helpful but also a sign of the hard work to come!
    Kirby - I think I may have met you on work experience? I was doing some w/e in Sept/Oct at St Michaels in St A and I think we chatted in the staffroom - do you remember?! Funny coincidence if it is you!
    This link has been really helpful throughout the whole process of applying, lots of useful info and I was hoping I got a place so I could come and join in the chat!
    Anyway, just wanted to say hi.
  16. Hi Amy,
    Welcome to the group!! CONGRATULATIONS! It's a relief huh? And i'm a full time lower primary too, so it's good to meet you! most on here seem to be PT so it will be nice to know a permanent face. I think it was me Amy yes, at the Abbey Primary school? Small world. I'm so happy you got in. How funny that we were both sat there stressing about application forms! [​IMG]
    OO i'll go check out the Uni website in a mo then. I was checking it constantly but gave up because there was no change! Thanks for the heads up!
    It will be good to meet up sometime before the course (nearer the time) to put names to faces etc, I think a few people on here are interested.

  17. O MY!
    Just read the new addition on the Uni webpage and they aren't messing around huh? Throwing us right into it I see! Bring it on!
    Also good to see they have confirmed the fee amounts too, alot more than last year! Typical! I'll have to get an amendment form from the loan company now.
    And the 20th of Sept it is! OOo very exciting that we have a date - makes it feel slightly more official for some reason. At least we have a date to count down to now! AAAAAAA.
  18. aaarggh! I'm scared now. It defo feels a bit more official! x
  19. Yup, it certainly does feel real now doesn't it. Feels like we need to start doing work now to be ready for Sept!!
    Kirby - Sorry I meant Abbey Primary, but wrote St Michaels, must have had a long day!! Isn't that funny then! I am so pleased we have both got in. Will be great to meet some others that are on the course too, a meet up nearer the time to steady the nerves is a great idea.
    Re the fees, I think I found them for 2010/11 as &pound;3290? Is that what you found too? I don't think that is too far off what I gave the loans company. I presume that the Bursary will be dealt with by the uni nearer to when we start.
    Is anyone going to get some more experience before we start in Sept? I might see if I can squeeze some more in from my A/L entitlement. They said at interview that the more experience the better.
    Anyways, best accept the offer before I lose it! Good to talk guys xx [​IMG]
  20. I know! The letter says do it ASAP after the experience etc etc! So may start it soon. I hve a lot of those sorts of notes from my experiences and interview prep so that should help alot.
    Yes, Abbey. I LOVE that school. I did quite alot of experience there a day or 2 a week from June last year, did the odd day at random schols around and then stumbled on St Stephen St Alban school in St Albans and I didn't think it was possible but it's even better than Abbey so I ended up doing most of my time there. I think all in all now it's totted up to just over 4 weeks and i'm hoping to squeeze a week in before summer. I have some good contacts now so hopefully it won't be too hard to offer my services for a week. I think it is important for me to do it. I haven't done any since Nov and it's easy to forget why / what you love so much about it or more the buzz you get and connection with the kids, so I thought it would give me an extra boost doing one more week - just to remind my how much I love it and why i'm giving up my job, good salary etc for a year of scrimping and scraping and stress! [​IMG] hehe.
    Did you go to any other schools Amy? I found it really useful to see different schools, classes at work. Abbey is great but I really found going to a 'multi' form school great and eye opening and especially ones with a nursery - I couldn't believe how more advanced the children were at schools where nurserys are attached! I felt St Stephen and St Alban were about a year ahead of Abbey!
    O maybe you're right re fees, I read 2950 or something - must have been a long day for me! I think I requested 2250 or whatever last years were because the SLC said they can amend your tuition fee loan amount if it's different once the uni have confirmed so i'll give them a call Mon.
    CONGRATS on accepting your offer! It was the first thing I did - I was so worried they'd realise it was a mistake and take it back hehe.
    Yes, I think a drink one day early Sept would be good, what do you think? Maybe somewhere near the uni - the Airfield there is OK. Just to say hi to everyone, vent our worries etc etc.
    Have you braved your loan forms yet?

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