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Hertfordshire Uni Primary PGCE 2010 start

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kirbymwatts, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. N rooms are also on the De Havilland campus, but I too am going for the 10am start. Although, I aim to be there before 9 just in case.
    Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
  2. Cheers folks,
    i'll go in early and get my bearings!
    Can't wait to start, roll on tomorrow!
  3. Enjoy your PGCE.

    the NCETM also has a facebook page you can 'like' and a twitter profile as wel if you're that way inclined.

    I use them to keep in touch with their online magazines (lots of resources!!).
  4. Hello all,
    Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying themselves!
    Just wondering what everyone thought of the course so far?
    So much yet to come ay! Just looking on studynet makes me feel overwhelmed, and that's without opening anything up!! :0)
  5. Hey Taffery,
    I think the week was good. A bit daunting and as you bit overwhelmed...especially with with studynet. And there is just sooo much to do independently. I have been working all weekend and finally feel on top of everything for it all to start again tomorrow!
    What's your name Taffery - maybe we've already chatted this week? :)
  6. Hi Kirby,
    We have met, I'm Peter! :)

    Taffery/Taff is just a nickname I've had for a long time (I'm from Wales). I shoulda probably said!
  7. Hi all, how's everyone finding things??
    I was about to switch off... should really sleep, but thought I'd send a quick message.
    Just to make you feel better flexi students, we all packed into a weeny lecture hall today some people had to sit on the stairs until they got extra chairs so when you're sitting in your comfy room doing your modules with a nice cup of tea think of us lol!
    Was a really good day of lectures, SEN was particularly good as was something new. BUT how scary is all the stuff on study net?! I can just see the material expanding before my eyes.
    Anyhow... hope you're all doing really well [​IMG]
    Take Care

    Suze x

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