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Hertfordshire Uni Primary PGCE 2010 start

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kirbymwatts, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. I think for flexi they said 180 get an interview but there are only 60 places. I remember thinking I had a 1 in 3 chance. The forum was a great help before the interview as someone told me exactly what they had to do in the interview in the year before and it hadn't changed apart from we didn't have a maths test which I think is the thing I dreaded the most!!! [​IMG]

  2. hehe, yeah me too! I panicked and started going over all my GCSE stuff again and spent ages going over primary maths! I think all in all the day was a lot easier than I had thought. I had pages and pages of notes on current issues I had memorised! Tonnes of questions I had prepared for the interview - to only get a 5 min and 3 question interview! hehe. O well, i'm not complaining!
    Anybody else applying for student finance?
  3. Hey!
    I was also at the interview on the 26th - found out I got on too - will be on the Flexi Route and am so so happy!
    I want to know now what books/readings etc we will need to do as I will be working full time before I start so want to get a heads up!
    Will be nice to know some people when we go on our induction week!
    I am about to start applying for student finance now.....dreaded forms......
  4. Congratulations Scarlett! I'm doing flexi too. Just cant wait to get all the info through now. My interview was in December and feels like forever ago!
    I have sent in my application for Student Finance but so complicated that I may have done it wrong. Really hard to fill out especially if you're doing Flexible and working whilst studying. Fingers crossed I get something though!

  5. Welcome Scarlett, WELL DONE!!!!
    I know, it feels like forever ago (my interview was Nov!) but it will soon come round i'm sure. I keep thinking this time next year I'll be teaching majority of the time (not sure how flexi works).
    Apparently we have to wait until June ish until we get our reading list etc which is a bit of a drag - like you I want to get on with reading. I've just been getting books from the library, looking on here and reading the tes paper etc. I was also told that reading childrens books is good so i've rekindled my love with with R Dahl et al.
    I can't imagine how hard the finance forms are if you are doing flexi - trying to work it all out, it was hard enough doing them for fulltime study. I just found out this morning though that it has all been approved so i'm happy! just have to sign a form and send it back to confirm. So thats another thing done. Just want to start now!!
    Do you still get the bursary if your doing flexi? Thats what i'm relying on! With that, loan and I should get a grant (as I live with the boyfriend) I should just about be able to cover myself without working on a weekend! Fingers crossed!!
    Good luck with the forms girls.

  6. Do you know how tuition fees are? I looked on Herts and it said something like £3200 but on the interview day they said in excess of £3500.
    Also I googled herts uni PGCE and it came up with the presentation of the day, if only I'd done it before I would have known exactly what was on the day! lol

  7. I asked Herts and they said they hadn't got them confirmed so to work on last years figures. Apparently the max for this year for a PGCE can only be 3290 so I have worked on these figures as they are more likely to charge the max.[​IMG]
  8. Yeah, they don't make it easy ah?
    I worked on last years figures as thats what the uni told me to do. I'm hoping that if they go up there's some way the finance company can adjust. [​IMG]
    .....because also on the interview day she mentioned something about not having to pay the tuition fees until we graduate and said most people choose not too so they have the etxra money and pay it when they are earning. Did anyone else hear that? [​IMG]
  9. Me again.
    Just to let you all know. I have just spoken to the finance company and they say that if the fees end up being more than we've stated on the application forms then there's a little form we can fill in and they appropriately adjust the amount they give us for fees. We can do this as soon as the fees have been confirmed by the uni.
    Hope this helps
  10. Congratulations to everyone who has already got their place secured! I am hoping to join you, just got to get throught the interview first. It's next week and I'm scared! I've worked as a TA in a school since November but have changed jobs since I applied (same school, different year group) so I'm wondering if there's only 5 mins for an interview how I'll explain that one, concisely! I've got a week to get my head around some 'hot topics' but there's SO much to think about, I have no idea how I will demonstrate that I know anything. I'm also wondering if they ask about your finances etc (I posted somewhere else about not entirely knowing how I will afford to study for a year), or if they just want to know about your teaching skills?!
  11. Hi Jaybee1!
    You will be fine - it was my third time applying - the previous 2 years I had applied for the GTP and not got on and this was my first year for PGCE and got on!
    I was so worried and was so convinced after 2 years of rejections that I was not going to get on but it was a lot more relaxed than what i was expecting.
    The question and answer session is first and then you have lunch after your written test - we had to write about what made an effective teacher and use an article as help./
    We then did a group exercise about what makes an effective learner and we then had to present to the rest of the room - (around 3 small groups in each room). make sure you say something here as a few in my room just let one person do all the presenting ang talking! Then the individual interview - asked in more detail about what I would expect from the job, what I think makes a good teacher - what age group interested in, if it will be flexi or full time - at no point did they ask about my financial situation - just big yourself up and explain why you want to do this - I then asked what preparation would be helpful for the course and what they found to be the most demanding from a PGCE - they were really nice and approachable.
    Let us know how you get on!
    To the other guys who posted before - huge congrats to you too! Have just finished filing out the student finance forms - I do not remember them being that strange when I did my undergrad degree! Still do not really agree about assessing my husband's finances to se what i get as it I feel bad for him having to support me through this - he is more than happy too but I still feel a little bad!
    How is everyone else doing with the forms??
  12. Hey Jaybee,
    Well done on getting an interview!
    Everyone is very nice on the day and they do all they can to make you feel at ease. All I can say is be yourself. You don't get very long individually it's 10 mins and 3 basic questions in the interview but they've done this for years so they know what type of person they are looking for. Aslong as you can drop in bits of your experience or back up what your saying with a "what i've learnt by being a TA" or something along those lines you'll be fine. They say it over and over on the day - it's not how much experience you have (I had only done the minimum 10days) it's what you've learnt from it that counts. (and don't forget that any experience with kids is great, they appreciate it taking place in different settings. E.g. I did a week in a community centre for disadvantaged families. So remember to drop as much in as you can).
    I think the fact you have changed year groups is a good thing, it shows you've had experience with different age groups which they like. It will also help you know what age / KS you want to work with and you'll be able to talk confidently about that and explain why.(but i'm sure there won't be time to go into all that. not in detail anyway).
    I'd hate to say for definate but finances never came up with me once. I guess they assume if your applying you'll be able to finance yourself somehow. There are a number of finances available to us, loan, grant, bursary and even weekend work. I know it's not ideal but I know someone who did the course last year and managed to work on the weekend too.
    Hope this helps.
    You'll be fine. Just relax. Be yourself. And enjoy it. There's lots of great people there on the day.
    GOOD LUCK and hope to see you on here in 3 weeks or so :)
  13. O me and Scarlet seemed to answer at same time :)
    My day was exactly as she describes so i'm guessing it will be the same for you too.
    Yeah, the forms are a pain. I did all mine online and seemed to take forever. Found out other day all has been approved so thats good.
    I live with my boyfriend who is my sponsor and all they did was look at a payslip. It's good because it means we get more money to support ourselves, taking some pressure off the partners. [​IMG]
  14. My day was exactly the same. I had only done the min 10 days at a school and I work with girl guides who are all just border secondary school age so used a lot of my example from that. Be sure to back up your answers in the interview with examples from your experience. It is no where near as stressful as I thought it was going to be so just relax and you'll be fine.
    In terms of student loans.. Kirby how long did it take for you to find out if your application had been successful? I have haven't done the full one as with my boyfriend's wage and my intention to stay on at work I didn't think I'd be eligible.
  15. Thank you for all your help and advice, it really is encouraging.
    In terms of the student finance, I live with my partner who doesn't earn very much so I don't expect him to support me through the course. Will this be an advantage when being assessed for maintenence grant?
  16. yes that will be an advantage so you should apply for all funds available. I think they said that if your household income is less than 50,000 a year you may be eligible for maintenance grants etc so definitely worth applying for.

    Good Luck! x

  17. Hey Lynsey
    RE student loans it took about 4 weeks or so until I found out. Did you do yours online? I did mine online and just kept checking on there to see the status. It showed online as approved about a week before I got my letter (I just my letter this morning which I have to sign and send back to finalise.) So, it takes a little while.
    As for funds etc. I live with my boyfriend so I used him as a sponsor and his salary was assessed. He earns under 50,000 so I was entitled to just over 2,000 as a grant - however they takejust under this off of your loan entitlement too. So basically i've been approved for a loan to cover the full tuition fees. A £3,000 maintanance loan and a £2,000 maintanance grant (so i'ts a little less than I had expected as they've lowerd the loan by a grand to give me a 2 grand grant - which is better as you don't have to pay the grant back!) and then we get a £4,000 bursary! so i'm tyring to save a grand or so before the course to give me about a grand for each month of the course to cover rent and bills and i'd want to get a car again etc, so it will be tight! Thas without books etc! AAAAAAA!
    Obviously that is different if you are doing flexi but if your combined income is still going to be less than £50,000 it's worth getting assessed. Get as many pennies as you can! We'll need 'em.
  18. Thanks Kirby that's really helpful. We definitely will need every penny we can get! That's why they should send us a reading list now. Means we can budget as well as spend some time preparing. The next few months of waiting for the welcome are gonna kill me.. I'm so impatient : )

  19. Me 2!!!
    I'm just waiting to hear back from the uni re the tuition fees. I prob have it all round my neck but if we have an extra 3k for the study year it will help loads! and I can stop stressing!
    I'm hoping there are going to be some 2nd hand books for sale to save te pennies!

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