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Hertfordshire Uni Primary PGCE 2010 start

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kirbymwatts, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    I did put a post on here before but I cannot find it now!
    I passed the November interviews and so start on the Primary PGCE course at Hertfordshire in Sept 2010 so if there is anyone else out there due to start on this course too it would be great to be in touch before the course :)
  2. Hi
    Congratulations on getting on to the course. I hope you dont mind me asking a few questions about your interview, i have mine on the 26th January. Were the maths and literacy assesments difficult, any essay style questions? What type of group activity were you assigned?
    Many Thanks
    All the best for the new year.
  3. Hello, thank you - I am very excited!
    Congraulations on getting an interview, thats one hurdle. Of course I don't mind answering your questions - I know how you feel!
    The day really isn't half as bad as I had bigged it up to be in my head. Its all very relaxed and friendly. I will say the day is very drawn out - you could be in and out within 2 hours tops but they slot in a talk, breaks, a campus tour a way too long lunch etc etc so don't panic like I did thinking it's going to be 6 hours of assessments! I would also say don't be daunted as there were 40 of us which I didn't expect! and for most it was there second or third time and everyone was older and seemed way more experienced with most of them being TA's so I figured I was doomed (i'd done 16 days experience so not much over the min requirement) but they go on you're personality (if you're right for the role) and what you have leanrt not how much you've done etc so relax and be yourself.
    The essay style question was a simple 'what makes an effective teacher?' and only half a hour long. There was no maths / literacy tests (and it said there would be on my letter!) After the tour and lunch you're split into groups of 8 with 2 observers and further split into 2 groups of 4 - we were asked to discuss what makes an effective learner and chart our discussion and then we had to present it to the other group of 4. We then watched their presentation and we discussed it afterwards, but the whole group activity is only half an hour. The same 2 observers are also your interviewers so they give you your time slot and you go away until then. I had to wait 2 hours for mine which was awful and made it a very long day. The interview is very informal and friendly and only 10 mins and 3 simple questions so make sure you refer as much as possible to your experiences in schools.
    I got myself all stressed out and spent weeks going over current educational issues, maths, prepared tonnes of interview questions etc etc and none of which was needed but saying that it is very competitive and by doing the prep I felt more relaxed on the day and just tried to squeeze in everything I had prepared where I could even if it wasn't really needed, so it depends on you and how you work best. But they have seen something they like to offer you an interview so relax.
    I hope this helps and puts you at some ease.
    Let me know how it goes :)
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    You’re a superstar!

    Thanks ever so much for you response, it has definitely made me feel a
    little more relaxed. I was trying to read as much as possible from this website
    and other peoples experiences, but the truth is each university is quite different
    in the way they assess new candidates.

    Fingers and toes crossed that i will be joining you in September.

    Take Care

  5. Whoops sorry not sure where all the gobbldegook came from in my last post.....
  6. No worries. I know - I have a couple of friends who have started PGCE's at other Uni's and although their advice is valued it's not necessarily relevant and because I was in the first batch for Hertfordshire back in November there was nobody for me to talk to. I know I would have loved some insight, so i'm glad I could help.
    Keep me posted on your progress and hopefully see you in Sept ;-)
  7. Hi
    I was just wondering how long you had to wait before you got a response from Herts? Did you call them? I had my interview mid Dec and haven't heard anything yet.
  8. Hi Mandy,
    Sorry for delay in response, haven't been on here for a while.
    Maybe you have heard back now?
    They told me it would take 2 weeks but I actually have a response in 10 days. I'm assuming that there would be delay over Christmas etc.
    I hope it's good news.
    Keep me posted :)
  9. Hi Mandy

    I had my interview on Dec 17th and heard back on Friday. Have you heard? Is it good news?

  10. Hello,
    I had my interview on the 26th. How did you get on? I'm still waiting to hear back (hoping the gov cut's won't affect us) hopefully not to long now.
    Good luck
  11. Hi Taffery

    Good luck!
    Have you applied for full time or flexible?

  12. Helllo, I had my interview on 26th too, I found out on Friday that I got in! Did you hear? X
  13. Wow you heard so quickly. Congratulations!!! Are you full time?[​IMG]
  14. CONGRATULATIONS lilkatiebaby it's a great sigh of relief ah?
  15. Took 11 days for them to get back to me! And someone I work with also got on the course and they found out on the 11th day lol!

    Such a relief! I thought I messed up the individual interview but clearly I didn't woo! Anyone else heard? xx
  16. Yeah they seem pretty on the ball. I found out on the 10th day! Thank god because I was driving myself insane checking Gttr every hour! [​IMG]
    Well done again.
    And then there were 3. There must be more people who have gotten on, where are they all?
  17. Lol there MUST be more than 3 of us, the others obv haven't found us then! x
  18. I can't remember how many places they said there were but there definitely must be more! At my interview only a couple of people had been on the TES website though. I've heard from a couple of people who were having interviews but they haven't responded when I asked if they got through [​IMG].
    Mind you.. unless you check on here it's difficult to know if someone has messaged or reply to your thread. I only got an email alert for a friend request. Is there a setting I don't know about to alert you when someone messages?
  19. I haven't found a setting that does that yet! Although, I haven't looked around too much I only just worked out how to change my piccie!

    On my interview day they said 500 apply, 300 get interviews, then 120 get picked. However they also said something like 180 do Flexi...so that makes 300....Does that mean everyone gets picked? lol! x
  20. I heard those figures too - not sure about the flexi etc. I know its pretty tough to get on - for loads of people I talked to on my day it was their second / third time and same for some of my friends too! So I was convinced I wasn't going to get on! It was a pretty last minute decision for me. So we should be proud. [​IMG]
    I have to say I didn't think about looking on here for fellow hertfordshire goers until Jan time and I had my interview Nov so like you say maybe people just don't come on here. If only i'd have come on here to ask about interviews etc maybe I wouldn't have been so stressed out!
    I haven't found an alert for when someone replies to your thread but there is your hotlists - you may already know about it? You can add the thread (or forum - whatever you want to keep track of) to your 'hotlists' that way when you log in and go into 'your tes' you can click on your 'hotlists' and you can see if there are any new replies to the thread. Saves you hunting through the forums to find nothing new is on here which I did daily for a long time!!

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