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Hertfordshire GTP

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by silverdale1766, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Anyone else been accepted on the GTP at Herts Uni from September?
  2. Anyone else been accepted on the GTP at Herts Uni from September?
  3. Deb72

    Deb72 New commenter

    Me...!!!! YAYYYYYYY [​IMG]
    Happy is an understatment
  4. I know, we had to wait such a long time, what a relief. Just have to finish my degree now!
  5. Oh wow you managed to get in? Congrats very jealous. Starting to give up hope now as GTP could not be around next year. Think it must have been a sign from the gods!!!
  6. I am in for the foundation stage/ KS1 strand. Which strand you are doing?
    Does anyone know if all the strands are taught separately or is the whole cohort together?
  7. Almost all of the sessions are taught altogether, but the odd one is taught separately depending on relevance to each key stage and/or availability of larger teaching rooms!
  8. I'm in lower KS2/Upper KS2 with 4 weeks in KS1 to do early reading and phonics. Do you think this is instead of going to a second school or as well as? I'm guessing it's because I was rubbish at answering the question about reading and the curriculum!
  9. I think its still the same this year as when i did it last year. For primary you have some all together, then other sessions you split into foundation/KS1 and KS2.

  10. ARRRGGGHHHH OMG!!! Just found out I now have a place on the course! I am so excited but now also panicking about what I need to do before it starts!!!
  11. Congrats Manzed!!

    I'm quite nervous about what to expect tomorrow, anyone know?
  12. No idea< just know to bring my head teacher with me!

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