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Hen Parties/Weekends

Discussion in 'Personal' started by jo_south_yorks, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. My sister is marrying her long term partner in September and I am meant to be organising the hen celebrations. The bridesmaids are age 21, 22 and 15 so we cant have a weekend in Blackpool (or similar) because not all of us will be able to go, which my sister wants to avoid.
    Just wondering what ideas people have, what you have been on or have organised?
    Thanks everyone
  2. My sister is marrying her long term partner in September and I am meant to be organising the hen celebrations. The bridesmaids are age 21, 22 and 15 so we cant have a weekend in Blackpool (or similar) because not all of us will be able to go, which my sister wants to avoid.
    Just wondering what ideas people have, what you have been on or have organised?
    Thanks everyone
  3. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

  4. I was made to go on a raft-making day and then sail the stupid thing down a stretch of icy river. If only I'd had the foresight to claim I couldn't swim.
    I think a spa day sounds much better!
  5. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

  6. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Other ideas:
    Weekend at Alton Towers
    Circus Hen Weekend
    Chocolate Making
    Glamping weekend
  7. Thanks for your ideas everyone :)
    I had thought about a spa day, but my wedding present to them is a night or two in a luxury hotel spa place for the both of them (they can't afford a honeymoon so that may be all they get before they get back to reality), so didn't want to do that for hen party too.
    Chocolate making sounds like a good idea, or something similar, jewellery making maybe?
    I like the idea of having something physical to take from the day, not bruises though, so may not go down the raft making route...!!
    Keep the ideas coming folks, really appreciate your input! :)
    JSY x
  8. It's so sad that they can't afford a honeymoon... Couldn't you do something about that? Maybe all do a sponsored something on the hen do? Or all make something and then have a mini craft fair Or hold a tea morning? I don't know, but it seems really a shame that you're wondering what to do for a hen celebration and there's no honeymoon.
  9. I know its sad, thats why I'm giving them the weekend at a fancy hotel, try and make up for it a bit.
    They are both in fairly low-paid jobs and don't save very well. Neither have loans or anything to pay back (and no credit cards either), but they see money in their bank and then spend it, rather than saving it up.
    There is a possibility of them going away for a few days to Rome soon after their wedding but I'm not sure if that will happen to be honest.
    There is a company near us who acts as a saving bank for all wedding related things - my sister can do a wedding list through them and people can buy gifts from them, if it isnt what they were after they can exchange them for credits towards something else, and they can even ask for contributions towards a honeymoon through them, with the possibility of cashing in some of the presents to get the last bit of money towards it. So there is a possibility of a honeymoon I suppose, just nothing like the ones you see on the telly advertised (a far remote island etc...)
    And then there's the thing that the best men (there are two best men and three bridesmaids... a cheap wedding obviously!!!) can afford a decent stag do for my future b-i-l, so me and my cousin (the 16 year old) want something special for my sister too.
    Keep ideas coming please :) When I've got some kind of idea of what can be done and how much it costs I can start organising it (and go to the Bank of Mum and Dad for a small contribution too!)
    JSY x
  10. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    What sort of things do you all enjoy doing? If some of the hens are underage, presumably it's not about going out clubbing or massive drinking sessions, but if you all enjoy theme parks (for example) I know Alton Towers is a popular hen destination. If you're all outdoorsy types then what about a walking or horseriding trek followed by a meal in a pub or similar?
    You could make the event special for your sister by making it very personalised to her, I think- I know of one stag do where they got a Top Gun poster adapted so the faces were the bride and groom rather than Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis; another where they played golf and each person had a personalised golf ball. Do you know what sort of thing your sister would like in an ideal world?
  11. Does it have to be a whole weekend?
  12. If they are not getting married until September, can't someone who is better at saving than they are, take money off them whenever they get paid and save it for them to pay for a proper honeymoon . That will then give you more scope for a hen weekend.
    Also re Rome; my daughter took SIL there for his 30th-it was his dream city (and they's already been to Prague, Dubrovnik, Barcelona on other weekend breaks)-it was hellishly expensive-Hotel was cheap by rome standards and was still over £150 a night-they also paid £40 each to walk round the vatican (with no chance of seeing the pope). You can get much better value elsewhere in Europe for a honeymoon-without being deemed rude, how much time will they be likely to spend out of hotel room?
  13. Richie Millions

    Richie Millions New commenter

    Excuse my ignorance having never had any friends I have never been on a stag or hen night. Do the bride and groom pay for the guests or does everyone pay for themselves? It would seem inappropriate to invite poorer friends to weekends abroad etc x
  14. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    How times have changed!
    My chief bridesmaid booked a table in a restaurant for a group of us when I got married.
  15. JTL

    JTL Occasional commenter

    I was invited to one recently and was frankly dreading it, having heard tales of various antics that did not appeal to me. However it turned out to be great fun since there were a variety of ages. We met at mother's house for breakfast,had a fun trip around the city in a limo with champagne, went to a recording studio to record our version of two well known pop songs, and, when edited and mixed we each received a copy which sounded fantastic! Then onto afternoon tea at a hotel and later we all went to a restaurant for a meal with a surprise visit from a 'celebrity'. We all chipped in to cover the cost, which overall wasn't cheap, but actually the CD bit and tea alone would have been fine.
  16. As an aside ... I know you have said no anyway ... But ... The 15 yr old would not be able to attend most spa days as they are a 16 minimum
  17. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    People usually fund themselves. People go mad these days which means I rarely go, just can't afford silly money to get drunk somewhere far away. I'd personally be more inclined to go to something different though.
    Have you considered indoor skydiving (241 on buyagift) or GoApe? x
  18. Richie Millions

    Richie Millions New commenter

    What is the etiquette then if you have a good friend who is poor and obviously couldn't find the money?
  19. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    They don't go? I usually feel obligated to pay whatever for the hen do if the friend is a very good friend, otherwise I only got if I can really afford it x

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