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Helppppppp first lesson plan!!!!

Discussion in 'Geography' started by mia1985, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Could anyone give me any ideas on an activity i could use to introduce energy for a year 8 class! didnt realise lesson plannin was this time consuming
  2. You need to give a little more context on where you're heading for this to make sense. Are you looking at different types of energy and then moving onto energy conservation, global warming...?
  3. I always start with the pupil looking at the amount of energy they use every day and what it would be like without electricity-they write a diary entry of a day without power. Maybe get them to make a list of everything they use each day to gain some kind of context for them and for them to relate to.
  4. thats a good idea thanks for that ..... just so hard to plan xxx
  5. you are kidding? Is this a wind up?

  6. I suspect the original poster is a PGCE student, or at least training, so I don't think they are trying to wind anyone up. I know that when I first started my PGCE I was surprised that it took me a number of hours to complete one lesson plan. All I can say OP is that it does get easier.

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