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HELPPP NEEDED!!!! what to wear for my new job as a Teaching Assistant?? HELP!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by boyzonefan2011, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. <h2>Your Open Question</h2>Show me another &raquo; hi everyone!

    I start my new job on Thursday as a Teaching Assistant, as i have never worked in a school before, althought i hav done volunteer work in a local school for over a year, i am a bit stressed out on what to wear!!1

    on Thursday and Friday are teacher training days so i dont know what to wear??

    I have lots of black linin pants which ilove and aresoso comfotable! also like to wear ballet shoes

    need some advice... help!!!
  2. smart ,casual and most of all comfortable..............................
    inset days, most of the staff at my school wear jeans..............

  3. I wear smart casual clothes ie, shirts, blouses, t-shirts with cardigans, trousers and skirts (nothing short). I also like to wear clothes with pockets for pens, tissues, post-it notes etc. I ensure my tops aren't low cut and I can run in my shoes (just in case!). I like to wear layers as I am always in and out of classrooms, and some parts of the school are hotter/colder than others. Also, as much as I like my costume jewellery, I am aware that some SEN children become distracted by the rattling of bracelets. Hope this helps.
  4. I am starting as a TA on Monday and also unsure as to what to wear. As a guy its slightly more difficult to look 'smart' than women who tend to have loads of choice!!
    Also, I have two tattoos (one on each forearm). My head has said to cover them up when with the kids - would you keep them covered for the first two days (training days) when meeting the other staff for the first time??
    I'm really excited and want to make the best first impression with my new colleagues!!
  5. hiya!!
    i think its easier as a man to get clothes for this type of job!!!! i have got sum clothes and am just guna wear my linin pants top and cardigan! and see what other teacher r wearing

    yeh i would keep them covered up for a while let them get to know u first

    good luck i start tomorrow aghhhhhh!!!! nervous!!!
  6. I disagree!! All I can wear is shirt & tie with trousers. Not exactly much scope for variety there..
    Good luck tomorrow! Do you have training days first?? What year group will you be doing/where in the country?
  7. thanks!!! started n i love ittt loads!!! people r so nice and freindly.

    im in reception doing 1:1 im in merseyside what bout u ?>

  8. What would you rather wear? A dress?

    You've got a large selection of trousers to choose from and a shirt is a shirt. I've never found it difficult to change my look and remain smart.
  9. I wear my normal clothes and it's never been a problem-mostly dresses with a cardigan and tights or leggings. Sometimes I will wear my black trousers with a blouse-I always make sure what I wear is comfortable, not low cut and easy to move around in but I still stay fashionable! My teacher wears jewellery and so do I!

  10. Hi,
    I start a new TA job tomorrow, so this thread interested me! Although i worked at a school 5 years ago, dress codes can vary, but never any jeans/trainers. On past inset days I used to wear jeans, alongside most of the others, but as I'm starting on an inset day, I don't think it creates a good first impression arriving in them! So I'm plumping for linen cropped trousers & nice t shirt.
    I went and bought some new clothes for the job, plain black combats & boot cut trousers, 3 different coloured drapey cardigans, and a selection of white/grey/black long & short sleeve tops so I can easily make sure I match in the mornings!
    I'm guessing that you're not allowed flipflop footwear in school?

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