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Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by MissEJohnson, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. MissEJohnson

    MissEJohnson New commenter

    I graduated in June 2016 with first class honours and spent six months signing on at the job centre whilst getting teaching interviews. All giving very different feedback as to different things I did in the lesson observation or the actual interview. I asked for feedback on applications that i wasn't shortlisted for and just got standard responses of there were a vast number of applications. I was finally successful in getting a part time contract working in an independent school near me to teach mornings in a year 3 class. This contract ended at the end of June 2017 and after having had several interviews whilst still working nothing has prevailed for me in finding another teaching position. All interviews have varied so much recently whether it being observed and interviewed by three staff members to being interview by the full board of governors without being given the heads up that all of them were going to be there. It feels to me that I am so close to the positions but always being pipped to the post and I'm slowly becoming more and more disheartened. My search area isn't big as I want to stay local but I am looking in three authority areas for positions. And advice that has been given to me already on my applications and interviews doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. My application is always good sometimes a tad long but I have already taken all the waffle out of it so don't see a way forward. Any advice greatly received!!!
  2. dawnthompson17

    dawnthompson17 New commenter

    Hello, I graduated 25 years ago, spent 2 years teaching, 18 in the Armed Forces, and went back to teaching 3 years ago. Your experiences seem very like my recent ones, good applications, good interviews, different pick up points/standard lazy feedback and often genuinely and fairly pipped to the post. I thought, being a few points higher on the scale, that NQTs were ahead of me as well as those a wealth of experience. So.....I applied to be part-time teaching assistant in a geographically favourable location and got the job...on day one the school told me about an internal vacancy in a sister school that wasn't to be advertised so I applied and got that too. I have now reduced my TA hours in order to make myself available for supply. You may not financially be in a position to try this but the notice time is 4 weeks so I can move pretty much whenever I like, my one day teaching is a term's notice but that doesn't pose a huge problem to a desperate school so I continue to browse whilst picking up a decent wage and getting loads of CPD.

    I hope this gives you some ideas at least, good luck.
  3. pickles124

    pickles124 Established commenter

    But people that have degrees in core subjects, and have experience with children such as child nursing, childcare, childhood studies, or education are being IGNORED by schools and are not getting interviews. I have just been reading this post and its almost like an mirror image of what im going through right now.

    People who have years of TA experience cant get TA Jobs either. So what's the deal there?

    And yes I'm angry- really angry actually when i ask for feedback and get ignored. As i keep saying, we all know that schools are getting a high volume of applications.

    It's called stating the obvious. The OP would like personal feedback as to what the problem is and why they feel they have been banging their head against a brick wall.

    I do not like ignorance. If your displaying an interest in working at a school its the very least they can do.
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  4. arianasarah866

    arianasarah866 New commenter

    If you are getting interviews then you know your application must be good enough! Sometimes it is literally just a case of they liked someone else better and despite what is in the news about teacher shortages there is still competition for jobs around at least where I live!
    I find it so disheartening when you put so much time and effort into preparing lessons and everything else for interviews to get not much at all in the way of useful feedback with the 'no' but I get that sometimes it is just they preferred someone else.
    All I can suggest is to keep trying, or maybe if you know any heads etc to do a mock interview with some genuine useful feedback?
  5. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    The job market is very local - particularly in the primary phase. It depends upon whether schools are expanding staff or reducing due to budget constraints. TA jobs are usually the first to suffer.
    The timing is also a key factor. The majority of September start posts are filled in summer term- there is a sparse spell in September but jobs again begin to be advertised in October for a January start.
    With regard to feedback - schools are very busy and feedback to candidates is often low priority . Plus schools are very cautious about litigation. Keep persisting with applications and improving the quality with every application and interview. You will get there eventually as many posters have found.
  6. MissEJohnson

    MissEJohnson New commenter

    I agree completely that schools should be offering feedback to applicants as to why they have not been shortlisted as they have shown a genuine interest and if anything like me have done their homework on the schools in order to make their letters of applications personal to the school and tailor they skills to what the school have done or looking to achieve in the future. However, I have also been in the position of being told by schools that I have not been shortlisted (which thank you, you haven't left me hanging in the mist of not knowing) who have offered the chance for me to get back in touch for feedback which I have taken the opportunity of. So they have given the initial offer of feedback, I have emailed to ask for it and then NOTHING. Not even a response to say they are busy and they will get to it in due time or anything - just ignored. I get schools are busy but if they are advertising for positions in schools they should expect these requests and allocate time torespond to them - I mean how long does it take to re-read an application, and write two strengths of the application and two weaknesses where they think the applicant could improve in an email to the applicant. A max of 20 minutes I suppose and i don't even think in some case it would take as long as that!!!!!!!
  7. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    And if we get 100 applicants that's an awful lot of writing when there are children to be taught.....
  8. MissEJohnson

    MissEJohnson New commenter

    Whilst not sounding confrontational here, I did not say it needed to be done for ALL the applicants. I did say FOR those who requested the feedback after the shortlisting had occurred. I am fully aware of how many applicants schools get but not all these applicants will request feedback! And when schools make an offer of feedback when emailing to say you were unsuccessful, and when you then respond to as for it, you get no response that is annoying when the school has made the initial offer in the first place.
  9. Landofla

    Landofla Established commenter

    Can you do supply for the short term? Get yourself in some schs on a regular basis and the Heads will want to employ you when a job comes up. It is also a good way to network and find out what schs are like before signing up. All the best!

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