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Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Bath-girl, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. Bath-girl

    Bath-girl New commenter

    Please help
    I'm a third year student on my final teaching placement.
    I recently had my last observation and received outstanding which I've received for the past two years.
    Two days ago two mediators came in to observe a lesson which they've deemed as inaduquate . I have not had constructive feedback.
    I've been told they will be coming back on Monday.
    Has anyone else experienced this. Advice please
  2. Camokidmommy

    Camokidmommy Established commenter

    Have you contacted your Uni? They should have been aware of the visit and I would suspect that they should also have sent someone of their own to observe alongside, this is what has happened when my students have been externally moderated.

    I am, however, a little puzzled about how you can have been gaining outstanding for all your lesson observations right from the start if they are graded against teacher standards as, particularly at the start you would simoly not have enough experience or understanding to achieve this. Perhaps they use different criteria? Outstanding isn't something you can be all of the time.

    That aside, you should have recieved feedback and uni should be there to support on Monday.

    What have the school said? What is your mentor doing to support? Do you have your other lesson observations to show consistently high performance? It is possible that that particular lesson wasn't brilliant so how do you feel it compared to previous lessons?
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  3. IanG

    IanG Occasional commenter

    Why was your lesson observed by 'mediators' and were you given advanced notice? Seems odd that no one from university/mentor were present. As casmokidmommy said, you should of received feedback in order to address any concerns for follow up observation. I would be contacting Uni and mentor asap (before lesson observation) for advice.
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  4. Bath-girl

    Bath-girl New commenter

    I was given notice and spent a week preparing.
    My uni tutor and school observer were both present. So four people were watching.
    The first year I didn't receive outstanding but for the past two years I have. These were from different placements.
    They are coming back Monday to observe again.
    Apparently they are checking a percentage of the top students and the bottom. I was deemed as being in the top.
    I didn't receive any positive feedback and have literally gone from outstanding to inadequate in less than 2 weeks.
  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Something has gone wrong, not with you, but with the system in that case.

    Mind you, 4 people watching would be off-putting to anyone!

    What you need now is a clear outline of:

    a) what you need to do to improve
    b) what support you will be given, by whom, and when, to improve.

    But first we have:

    That sounds unusual . . .

    1. Are they expecting you to suddenly have improved back to Outstanding?
    2. Do they think it was a one-off, and are thinking that this time you'll be fine?
    3. Or are they wondering if they got it wrong last time?

    My guess is number two of those 3 options, and it'll all go swimmingly on Monday.

    Come back and give us the good news!

    Best wishes

  6. Bath-girl

    Bath-girl New commenter

    Thank you. I hope so.
  7. sofia_sen

    sofia_sen Occasional commenter

    How did the observed lesson go?

    I did school direct and was observed every week by my mentor. All of my lessons were good or outstanding (remember you are judged as a student teacher, not a teacher) except for one that was one of the main ones. I still don't know what happened to me but I started rambling and my planned interactive cooking session with year 1 turned into a lecture of 45 minutes while my lovely kids just sat on the carpet and listened. Bless them!
    I was observed again soon after that and everything was fine.

    Bad lessons sometimes happen and it doesn't make you inadequate suddenly. I also think that they are coming back so soon because they know that you are not inadequate. Good luck on Monday and looking forward to reading good news soon!
  8. Bath-girl

    Bath-girl New commenter

    I thought the lesson went well. I would have given myself a good not an outstanding as the end was a little rushed.
    All the children were engaged and seemed to really enjoy it. They all got the lesson except 3 and I was planning to address this next week.
    I'm very enthusiastic and I just don't think they liked my style of teaching but I don't want to change the way I teach. If I did it wouldn't be me. The children like it too.
    I use a lot of resources to engage the children which I think the mediators hated.
  9. Bath-girl

    Bath-girl New commenter

  10. Bath-girl

    Bath-girl New commenter

    Sorry it would help if I got their positions right- Predictive texts.
    Moderators not Mediators mind you I may need the latter on Monday.

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