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Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by lauramci, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. lauramci

    lauramci New commenter


    I'm a student primary teacher at university in England,I have completed my beginning and developing placement here. my university has arranged for me to do my final placement in Scotland as I am moving there in the summer. I've been trying to find out information about what exactly gets taught in each subject and when. For example if I look on the mathematics framework for England I can see exactly what I need to teach for time(I'm teaching it this week in numeracy to a year two class) eg, the relationship between units of time,read time to the quarter hour,identify time intervals etc. However I can't see anything at all which is specific like this on the education Scotland website,It sounds silly but how will I know what to teach ?
  2. sana-1

    sana-1 New commenter


    How did you find the move from England to Scotland? was it straightforward, as I have saw, numerous times, that it is difficult as qualifying in England and qualifying in Scotland are quite different.

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