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Help -

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by signoradolores, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. I started in a new school on a maternity contract in January. I have one top set who I think I feel I teach well and have had a good relationship with. However, I have found out that they have been going to their HOY with complaints/allegations against me saying that they have a bad relationship with me and that I don't praise them enough. Also, that there is misbehaviour in the lessons although they have only managed to name one pupil who has behaved badly.
    It appears that the HOY has taken all of this tittle tattle seriously and has passed it on to the deputy head who walked into my lesson last week and sat there. He then reported back to my HOD that it was a good lesson and that he hadn't seen any sign of the alleged bad relationships between me and the pupils. It was only after all this had happened that I inadvertantly found out about the complaints and the "investigation".
    Today someone in the class did behave badly and I logged this on the system. I immediately got an email from the deputy head saying that this had been brought to her notice (presumably again by the HOY). She asked to meet with me and my line manager to discuss.
    The time and place I have been given to discuss this is before lessons, in the school forecourt/driveway of the school where she will be on duty.
    I am amazed to find myself in such a Kafkaesque situaiton where incoherant allegations have been made and investigated behind my back.
    I have come to this school from a truly outstanding school and I have also taught in the top independent in the country. I have never been treated with such a lack of professional courtesy before and am not sure how to respond. Is this normal behaviour in schools?
    Any advice on how to proceed ?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    Firstly, I'm sorry you are having problems so soon after starting.
    Is it a high-performing school? There can be more whingers in places like that, especially in top sets. Kids don't like change, but whether they like it or not you are there to teach them. I find it incredibly annoying that they will go and tittle tattle to their HoY or the HoD, and shame on those people for taking the blindest bit of notice. I despise kids who tell tales and I often warn classes that I will not tolerate it.
    There may be incidents that happen in class that you don't see or hear. "Miss, he called me a d***head", "Miss, he threw something at me". You cannot be expected to have 30 pairs of eyes or hear every single thing.
    What is even worse is having to discuss it outside while deputy is on duty. Very unprofessional. It should happen in an office, with yourself, the deputy and the kids making the allegations.
    While your situation is horrible, unfortunately it is not common and I hope you get it sorted. Be thankful it's only a maternity contract and not permanent. Would you like to work in a school like that all the time?

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