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Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by livvie89, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. I am currently looking for teaching assistant work and filling in an application form to register with an agency to do supply ta work. The problem is they want references from employers - firstly i havent really done any paid work, so i have to use voluntary work/work expereince contacts. But more of a problem is that everyone i have contacted for references has so far said no as they dont provide references for voluntary/temporary positions etc etc. SO im now stuck. I have to put donw references otherwise i wont be able to register with the agency but i have noone to put down (still waiting on one school to get back to me about providing a reference tho). Ultimately its looking like im going to have to put down at least one referee as one of the eployers who has already said no to providing a reference - do people on here think this is an acceptable thing to do?
  2. Hmm I think it might be worth asking Theo in the Jobseekers forum... He's the expert over there!
  3. I have volunteered for a charity for over 3 years and still do and they are happy to provide references for me.They were even happy to write a statement for my USA working visa application as evidence/intent of my return to volunteer with them after my USA work had finished.
    I even had a 3 day temporary job and at the end said if we wanted a reference, all we had to do was ask.
    From my experience and in my opinion, for voluntary positions if for a long enough period, they should give you a reference as yes, its not paid, but you contributed your time, effort, support etc - That's important.
  4. Sorry, randomly posted twice - EDIT! :)
  5. Unfortunately none of the places i have done voluntary work or work experience are willing to provide a reference, the other school i was waiting to hear from also said no. Whilst one was only a weeks work experience the other two were more substantial - one afternoon a week for three months and approx 3 days a week for a month - but neither are willing to provide references, one because apparently they have too many work experience students for it to be practical and the other because the school doesnt feel that i was there long enough for them to be able to say whether or not i would be good as a Teaching assistant - im asking for a bloody reference not a recommendation for a position/role! Im just so frustrated. Planning to try and persuade the last school that i only want a basic reference confirming i volunteered there and had no problems, not a recommendation that i be employed as a TA, so could they provide a reference. But have no idea if it will work. . I have been able to use an academic referee for one of the references but its compulsory that one reference to be from classroom based experience, so i still need to convince one of the schools to give me a reference. It just really annoys me that people make it as difficult as possible for young people to get on the career ladder - paid jobs are hard to come by and clearly voluntary positions dont tend to come with references which makes them pretty useless. The whole reason im looking for TA work is because i didnt get a place on a pgce course for this year so trying to get more experience so i can get on a course next year.
  6. Would it be possibleto either pop in or try to contact the CT you have worked with?

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