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Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Jacqui_scotland, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. I need some help with resources. I am the only RE teacher in my school and I am finding it extremely difficult to produce new and exciting lessons for all classes throughout the school. I have to produce all resources for all classes and teachers (not qualified in the subject) to teach. Does anyone have any resources that they think would help me out? I am looking for some booklets or power points that I can work from on the following...

    Issues of Morality - Euthanasia, abortion, racism, war, homosexuality, Stem cell research
    Religions - Buddhism, Hinduism

    I would really appreciate any help that you can give.

    Thank you in advance
  2. matryoshkadoll

    matryoshkadoll Occasional commenter

    I also have stuff on Euthanasia and some other GCSE topics - please have a look - resources are there to help! We are all in this together...
  3. Email me off line - paracelsus@hotmail.co.uk for Hinduism & Buddhism stuff...
  4. Youthhealthtalk

    Youthhealthtalk New commenter

    Hi Jacqui,
    I've just posted some resources on RE - videos of people talking about their opinions of abortion and euthanasia (from the perspective of people who have terminal illnesses) and there are some videos of young people talking about their experiences of sexuality.
    All the best
    Jo- from Youthhealthtalk
  5. These are really interesting, i think the young people in my classes will really enjoy listening to the opinions of other people of similar age. Thank you
  6. Hi Jacqui,

    If you go to my profile page, I have lots of resources and powerpints but especially helpful a HINDUISM SoW with powerpoints and resources.

    I teach in a Catholic school so I have lots of Christian worksheets but I do have so many resources at school which can be emailled..

    Anything else I can do let me know.

    Bex :)
  7. Youthhealthtalk

    Youthhealthtalk New commenter

    You're very welcome! Good luck - let me know what you think [​IMG]
  8. Definitely subscribe to restuff http://www.restuff.org It is £20 per year for individual subscription or £50 for school subscription (then you can claim it back from the school too).
    It has so many useful resources that you can adapt for your students. I would be lost without it, as I started at a school that had no useful schemes in place and spent forever writing the schemes so had little time for making resources and had to create all of the resources for non-specialists to just pick up and go. It is particularly useful for GCSE and A-Level which is split into exam boards.
    The Think RE textbooks are useful and I have just ordered one copy of each book in the Religions and Beliefs series from Nelson Thornes - I was pleasantly surprised as the same issues are covered in each book (each book is a seperate religion) and they are really good quality resources. I don't teach using textbooks, so only ever buy one copy of a textbook to use for reference and to adapt.
    I hope this helps - pm me if you want any more details or have specific topics in mind and I'll see if I can help.
    On a positive note, RE is the best subject to teach - students develop as people in RE; they can come up with some amazing, thought-provoking questions, suggestions and new ideas and it opens their mind to the world around them. Take a few moments to take in all that they are capable of from time-to-time - that'll keep you going!

    Good luck
  9. Centre of the Cell has produced an online resource around the ethics of biomedical research including stem cell research, cloning, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and animal experimentation: http://www.centreofthecell.org/centre/?page_id=3&ks=3
    I hope this is useful.

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