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Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by sunlover07, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I have an interview on Wednesday for a TA position in the Foundation Stage. Most of my experience is with Key Stage 2 so I'm very nervous!! What sort of questions are they likely to ask? Is there anything I should know?
    I'd really appreciate any advice!

    Thank you
    SL [​IMG]
  2. Good luck!
    They may ask you about safeguarding children, and I would include keeping children safe from harm in the classroom as part of my answer (as well as the obvious stranger danger etc)
    They may ask you how you would encourage a child who doesn;t want to do their work to do it.
    They may ask you a confidentialit/disclosure question, iw what would you do if a child told you they wanted to tell you a scret that they didn't want you to repeat.
    I'm sure others will come alon to add more.

  3. Thanks Wren!
    I'm going to start writing down add rehearsing answers to all these questions. I don't think I have much chance as there are sure to be people with more experience than me in this area. But |'ll go along amd give it my best.
  4. You never know! TA jobs are licke rocking horse poo round here at the moment... and I have just been invited for an interview where over 130 applications were recieved - they put that in their letter!

    So I'm allnervous now!!

  5. I would make sure I had a basic understanding of the Early Years curriculum and the relevance of the EYFS profile.
  6. Wren that comment made me giggle! When is your interview? I went for one a few weeks ago. I didn't get the job but when they called to tell me they said they had 137 applications. So we should be pleased just with getting to the interview stage I think. Good luck anyway.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Guess I'll spend my night reading up on Early Years stuff lol.

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