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Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by jhp05269, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    How do other SENCO'S deal with difficult teachers who refuse to put in place your suggestions? Right now I have a teacher who will not put in place a visual timetable/workstation for an autistic child. I've offered to set it up myself and been fobbed off on numerous occasions and I'm really concerned this child is just sitting at the back of the class doing very little... I've raised issue with HT and HT says the teacher should be doing it but so far no action has been taken. I've raised this issue at least 3 times formally now, we are going back now and it is term 3 and things haven't changed. Argh! Ideas?

  2. What reason is the teacher giving for not doing this? I notice that you post in the Scottish opinion, is this in a Scottish state school?
  3. cleobud

    cleobud New commenter

    I would see if she needed any training in dealing with pupils with ASD. I would also have a meeting with her to thrash out the difficulties and ensure she understood the advice given from the external professionals. Checking her understanding of what is required is the 1st thing. Keep a record of the meetings you have. Then arrange a meeting 2 weeks later to have an update of how things are going and whether she has implemented the things recommended. Then if necessary meet every 2 weeks for a catch-up. If she is refusing, remind her that all teachers are teachers of pupils with SEN and she is responsible for what goes on with all pupils. Some teachers refuse out of fear and ignorance and it is understandable that teachers have a lot on their plate but reassure her that you understand and that if things are set up initially it helps in the long run. Does she need TA support to get resources ready? Also, a whole staff meeting on ASD would alert everyone to the strategies to support pupils with ASD. The strategies will be on the IEP and it is up to all who work with the child to implement them. I am in an English school, but I presume procedures are the same in Scotland.

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