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Help! Yr 5 sitting Year 6 paper under exam conditions in May and only just found out!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bigwig2404, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. bigwig2404

    bigwig2404 New commenter

    Advice needed please! I am an NQT. One of the very first questions I asked when I started was about assessment. I was told by my mentor (deputy head) that it would be explained as we went along. It wasn't, I have had to ask and find out from everybody else. I thought I have it sussed. I knew year 5 would have to sit optional sats at the end of the year but I thought it would be half way through June as that it what all the other year groups do.
    2 weeks ago I found out from my TA that year 5 in my school go into the school hall, a week after year 6 sats and do yr 6 sats papers for maths and literacy. These results are reported to parents on their end of year reports.
    I am now panicking. I waas working towards a date in June and now the goalposts have changed. They are not going to do as well as they would if I had a few more weeks.
    I don't want to teach to a test but I do want to give them the best chance I can.
    What can I now do to help them?
    What are the topics I should make sure they are most familiar with?
    I am so cross, with myself in particular for not pushing more. It seems unfair that they may now struggle with some aspects of the paper as we won't have covered it.
    Any advice received very gratefully.

  2. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    Be grateful you're not in one of the schools where the whole of KS2 sit the same year 6 paper. It's a level 3-5 test so why shouldn't all children who are working at levels 3-5 sit it? As a challenge I've given some of my level 5 children an old year 9 paper that was levels 4-6. They did really well on it - even the bits they haven't been taught. They used their skills to work it out.
    Just carry on with with you are doing. Even with just a few weeks to go there are topics I haven't covered with some of my year 6 class yet. I just know there's no point because they will really struggle to understand them. Focus on the basics, the majority of the paper is based on calculation strategies and applying them so make sure your class are confident with these.
  3. There is no point the L2 children sitting the paper. It won't tell the Y6 teacher what they can or can't do - just that they are not at L3 which you can already tell her anyway.

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