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HELP YEAR 9 textiles for kids that think its so not cool!!

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by lucky6, May 16, 2009.

  1. Hi ajtextiles, could i also have some picutess, i have some very hard year 9 boys that i am struggling to get interested. Your idea sounds great

  2. Hi there,
    In year 9 i do a surfer short project. We look at lots of different surf brands and logos which is considered 'cool'. We make a really basic long sort, but do tie dye and batik and then create a CAD/CAM logo that is embroidered onto the shorts. The boys love the ICT element and the theme appeal to both and has some street cred!

    Hope that helps [​IMG]
  3. I have been doing an accessories project to try and link textiles and rm with a vwery mixed group. There are very few boys in the group so they have been reluctant to even come along as they were intimidated by the larger number of girls. ( ours is a female minority school so this is rather funny!
    I bought a couple of items from a stall near the tate modern made from opened out Coke and pepsi cans. One was a small back pack and the other a peaked cap. The holes were bodged through and they were assembled rather like the old leather bags and purses from the 40s with criss crossed seams rather than oversewing, usiong scooby as thread. The inside has been laminated with a layer of leather like material so feel quite nice. My boys have been working out their own versions by doing the usual looking at a collection of peaked caps, drawing out the segments that make up the crown and cuttingtbhe shapes in squared paper and sellotaping them together. They are all doing different things in class as it is meant to be a final test product design and make task but the boys have been taken by the idea of the can cap. One was proudly walking around the class with his paper model on his head today!! Great fun!
  4. Hi ajtextiles, sorry to be a pain but I would like those too if you don't mind. My e-mail address is croft_rachael@yahoo.co.uk. Many Thanks x
  5. hi ajtextiles. i am seriously thinking of changing my year 9 project, 7 and 8 are popular with the pupils but year 9 are hard to impress. could you send me somke photos or any info regarding your cool year 9 project. janad21@hotmail.com thanks so much
  6. Hi Abi. I tried to send you the photos but mail failed to get through. Did you give me your correct e-mail address?
  7. Hi ajtextiles,
    Please could you send me some pics of your chick project - my Y9's are driving me M-A-D !! I have got to get something different for them to do or they will be taking me away in a straightjacket.


  8. Hi,
    We do drawstring backpacks in year 9 with applique or machine embroidery, the school is 2/3 boys and this seems to have "boy appeal"
    (I tried to post pictures here )
    I would be grateful to see the pictures of your project please AJ
    stuff4321@hotmail.co.uk Thanks [​IMG]

  9. Hi, please could you send me some pictures of your 'crazy chick' project - sounds good.
    Many thanks,
  10. Hi there,
    What have you decided to do for your year 9 project? We currently do a recycling project using bubble wrap, encaspulation techniques, dying t-bags, ironing plastic bags etc which they all seem to enjoy. They currently make 'recycled storage solutions', but looking to change this. Any ideas?
  11. Hi I know it seems a little late now but your idea sounds great. ..any chance of some example photos. Having had year 9 double this afternoon i'm pulling my hair out. Currently making fleece hats. Works okay with some classes but next year Ive got some pretty difficult kids and cannot cope with machine based projects. Help.
  12. hello there,
    could you possibly send the pics and design to my email address too - the idea sound great
  13. hi again-
    forgot to give you my email address; bjackie_mohr@ yahoo.co.uk
    thank you
  14. I have done the beach wear and yes they do love it, if u have an embroidery machine to add the logo it makes it even cooler.
    The school Im in at the moment does themes for each year so we can make stronger links between materials, our Y9 theme is culture so we do cushions they use tribal masks and tattoos to create stencils and tie dye backgrounds, Egyption example was golden yellow backgroud to look like sand, a scorpion which we did with 3D media mixed into black, when sewing up we turned it into a giant pyramid (just like a juggling bag - Y7's) they love putting in polychips but they make a mess and become very static ! This has gone well for several years boys designs and results are often better than the girls.
  15. Could you send me some photos of your crazy chicks project please. They sound great and I need something fun for year 9 ! Email: gillett.julia@googlemail.com
    Many thanks in advance.
  16. Love to know what you do with your Year 7 and 8, as feeling rather tired of cushions; pencil cases and the same old thing!!
  17. could you please send me photo's and info about this project??it sounds really fun!



  18. Hi guys

    lol at the boys what has happened? Versachi ( oops at spelling) is male designer, Gordon Ramsy male chef so why do boys think textiles and cooking are girlie? Beats me!

    Any who boys and year 9 or second year for the scots hiding up here in Aberdeenshire. Why not try designing skateboarding pads, or padded jackets eg take an old jacket and get them to figure out how to pad it out and make it protective bit like a proto type for a motor bike jacket or better still a practical jacket with padding for farmers that's easy to use for quad biking and for having easy to use pockets. Like a proto type project. It does t need to be a finished piece of clothing just needs drawings and padding added to show where and how it would work. Choice of materials eg goretex with fleace lining and a pocket with jacket expansion for a baby lamb.

    You could make ring binder covers or get them to design a safety back pack with lights. You give them a choice of 3 basic bag patterns they choose add pockets and add reflective strips and a red and White light to the bag.

    Hope you find ideas of use


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