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Help! Year 5 PE - medium term plan - what units do we need to cover?

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by becky54321, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Hi, I'm new to year 5!
    What needs to be covered in PE, and is there anywhere that says how long you should spend on each unit?
    eg, 1 x term swimming? 1 term gymnastics? etc...
    Thank you for any help or advice.
  2. Zoot

    Zoot New commenter

    Hi - your PE subject leader should be able to tell you and pass a scheme of work on to you as well as a school curriculum map.
  3. BSL1

    BSL1 New commenter

    It very much depends on your facilities and the amount of time you have for PE each week. We have 3 1 hour lessons for year 5. 1 lesson is a fixture on Wednesday afternoons and the other 2 we cover games activites gym. These activities last for the term but again it depends on what your Head of PE or subject leader has put inplace in terms of schemes of work and medium term plans. They should be able to direct you.

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