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HELP!! year 2 stories with familiar settings planning HELP!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by vickmai, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Hello all,
    Back to school soon and I have been wracking my brains all day about my first unit of literacy, stories with familiar settings. I am new to year 2 and only in my 2nd year of teaching so could really use the ideas and help. What texts could i use for this unit? Has anyone got any samples of plaaning or lesson ideas? I have thought about using dogger/amazing grace/not now bernard.
    Any help is much appreciated
    Thank you
    Vicky xx
  2. I have also used
    On the way home
    Lost in the Woods
    Mog and the VET
    and the Tiger who came to Tea - at the end of the unit I got the children to write their own version of this e.g. the elephant who came to lunch... and think of all the naughty things the animal did.
    The year before I got them to do a story about a lost toy, based on Dogger.
    I would start off reading a different story every couple of days and just doing bits and pieces of writing and speaking and listening (e.g. act out part of the story, write part of the story from a different perspective), and including some things you want them to use in their own story e.g. speech marks, alternatives to said, or 'ed' endings. Then planning and writing a full story based on one of the other stories, at the end of the unit (this part would take about us a week) Then you can have a lesson where they read their stories to each other, lovely!
  3. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Exactly what i'm doing. We're doing 2 stories in week 1 and doing role play, S&L- telling stories orally and ordering stories, discussing it from aother perspective.
    Week 2 will be looking at the next story and the idea of something "Unreal" being in the story (Not now Bernard being the story) Again we'll go through ordering and hopefully touch on time connectives.
    Week 3, time connectives, story structures and look at a fourth story.
    Week 4 planning and writing a story based on the others.
    Those weeks will blur into eachother though.
  4. I thought dogger would be nice as the main story, as we could do some wanted posters and some news reports for S&L and then they can do their own lost toy story.
    Thank you all for your help. Has anyone got any other activities related to dogger? or any other books for that matter!!


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