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HELP! Year 2 Pirates linked with Stories with familar settings/patterns on a page

Discussion in 'Primary' started by greengreengrass, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Hi I am new to year 2 and have to link my topic pirates with my literacy units Stories with familar settings and patterns on a page. I have spent hours searching for ideas has anyone planned such a thing and could help/offer advice-i would be extremely greatful
  2. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I would say pirates lends itself more to fantasy than stories with familiar settings.
    There are some stories which start off in a familiar setting (as fantasy stories do) but end up in a fantasy setting!
    Night Pirates - starts off in a boys bedroom
    Captain Flynn and the pirate dinosaurs - starts off in a school
  3. Thanks
    I have not personally chosen to link the two-i can't see the link personally! Thanks for the ideas will have a look at the two books.
  4. languageisheartosay

    languageisheartosay Occasional commenter

    My Pirate topic upload overlaps other skills like past tenses, minibeasts, grid-work... just because the kids who need extra language work need that more than they need pirates! You may find something you can use.



  5. Thank you much appreciated
  6. Do you work with CSmith? He/she posted pretty much the same thing - maybe that thread has some ideas.
  7. No i don't but will have a look at the post-thanks

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