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help - year 1 growing plants

Discussion in 'Primary' started by haroon1234, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone

    I'm a trainee teacher and I'm going to be teaching year 1 children the growing plants science unit after Easter. I am useless at plants and was wondering if somebody could help me please. I have thought of initial ideas but not sure if they are any good.
    In the first lesson I am going to introduce plants. I'll check if they know that plants are living things. I'll ask them if they can name any plants and what kind of plants there are around the school grounds and then we'll go for a walk around the school grounds. The children will spot the plants and discuss what they look like. When they return back to the classroom, we will discuss the parts of a plant and they will make one using craft materials and they will label the main parts (leaf, stem, roots, flower).

    In the second lesson, I will teach the them what is needed to plant a seed. The children will plant a sunflower seed. Shall I get them to plant them indoors or outside? If indoors I was thinking of filling small plastic cups with compost and then the children will plant 2 seeds. Would this be ok? The children will start their seed diary and each day they will make observation and record them every 2 days. How long do you think it will take for them to grow?

    In the third lesson they will investigate what will happen if we don't water a seed. The chn will make a prediction and then we will plant two seeds. One of them will be watered and the other won't. Which seeds should I use for this investigation? They will start a new seed diary for this investigation.

    In the fourth lesson, I will show them the seeds of different fruits and vegetables. The chn will make some observational drawings of them. We will also start growing our broad beans in this lesson. However, I'm not sure how this is exactly done so would reallly appreciate some advice. Am I right in thinking that I should get a jar and put kitchen towel in it. Do I place the seed between the jar and the kitchen towel? How much should I water it and where should the water go exactly in the jar? Could we just do 1 as a class or would each child have to do it? Just asking because I don't have 30 jars. If I was to get all the children to do it then is there anything else that I could use? With this seed, there will be no compost. The bean will still grow though so how could I explain it to the children how this works? Would it be right if I said that it's growing because it's still getting light and water. I was then thinking the children could compare this plant with their sunflower plant and the focus would be on noticing that with the broad bean we can see the roots because it is in a clear jar. Would this be right?
    I'm not feeling confident about teaching plants but I want to try and make my lessons really good and enjoyable for the children so I would appreciate any advice given. Are my ideas ok, is there anything which I need to change? Any ideas on how to spice it up?

    Thank you

  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I would have some very fast growing seeds from the start to get them hooked. Cress or Beans are good (and they can eat them).

    If they all plant a sunflower, then they don't all need to plant a bean (could do one per table and make a competition?). Definitely have a competition for the sunflower height (Check it will be fully grown and flowering before summer holidays though?????) When do you finish your teaching with them? You need to plant something that will finish before you do ideally.

    Lesson 1 and 2 sound great for year 1. The seed diaries for seeds that take a while to do anything will be tedious beyond belief though. Maybe have a class one?

    Lesson 3 doesn't sound like it will take a whole lesson. Maybe put the craft bit from lesson one into this lesson?

    Lesson 4 sounds good, but don't expect much accuracy in the drawings!

    Enjoy it! So long as they learn something that is all that matters.
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    Have PM'd you.
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  5. sarahmilly

    sarahmilly New commenter

    Your ideas sound good. I agree about a class seed diary, maybe link it to labels and captions work???
    Butternut squash seeds grow fast, so are good...
    I would grow a sunflower for each child... they all want to take them home!... but plant a few spares to swap in the those that don't grow.
    Good luck

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