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HELP Y11 pupils not registered on old BTEC spec.. Implications?

Discussion in 'Science' started by sciencebloke, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Thankyou for responding back. That would be such a big help. I was on the phone all day to edexcel.. Even spoke to thr main man Steven negus.. The bottom Line was to do what you have done which is to tweak allowing some of the crossovers to carried forward.. I looked at this and thought where am I going to get the time to do this..

    I would be very much appreciated if you can email me what you have.. I want sure what you meant by PM you?

    My email address is sciencehod@hotmail.co.uk

    Once again,,

    A big thankyou.

  2. HI i registered pupils as late as jan 11 onto the old spec Btec

  3. You are kidding me..

    Edexcel told us that we couldn't do that unless we appealed.. And it was gonna cost a bomb to do so.. How did you do that?

    Apparently pupils not registered by aug 31st 2010 had to be put on new code.... I told edexcel we had a number of new entries and pupils on slternative provision but they said... Pupils must do new course..

    Are you absolutely positive they have def registered on old course..

  4. I'm not ignoring you but have been away for a couple of days will e-mail tomorrow what I've got
  5. Cheers zoe.

    By the way , have you had your quality centre reviewer in?
  6. Thankyou for your responses TES forumers.

    That zoe is a star.


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