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Help writing SEN Governors' report

Discussion in 'Governors' started by mrsmagpie, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Help I have to prepare a SEN Governors' report. What do I need to include? Should it be under headings? Any advice gratefully received.
  2. Help I have to prepare a SEN Governors' report. What do I need to include? Should it be under headings? Any advice gratefully received.
  3. Report on what, to whom?

  4. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Could you clarify please?

    Are you a SENCO writing a report to the SEN Link Governor?

    Or are you a SEN Link Governor writing a report for the governing body?

    Is the following of any help?


    The Role of SEN Link Governor

    The Special Educational Needs Governors role is largely one of information gathering to help the governing body decision making process and to keep SEN high on their agenda. The SEN Governor is appointed by the whole governing body and provides the link between the governing body, its committees, and the staff. This means asking questions about current policy and practice and supporting positive liaison and involvement with parents.

    The SEN Governor should always remember that he/she is not an inspector but is a source of support and a critical friend.

    The Remit of the SEN Governor
    To take a particular interest on behalf of the governing body in the way the School manages its provision for the pupils with SEN, and to report on this regularly to the governing body.

    Tasks for the SEN Governor
    ? Keep informed about relevant SEN documents and legislation and attend training sessions.
    ? Liaise with the SENCO on a regular basis to become informed about the provision and support the work of the coordinator.
    ? Report regularly to the governing body about SEN.
    ? Keep open lines of communication between the SENCO and the governing body.
    ? Monitor and evaluate the School?s implementation of the SEN policy on behalf of the governing body.
    ? Keep SEN high on the governing body agenda.
    ? Question any governing body decisions which have implications for SEN.
    ? Ensure that parents of children with SEN are kept informed and consulted about their child?s progress.
    ? Ensure that all parents are kept informed about SEN ? via the prospectus, policies, newsletters, PTA meetings and the Governors Annual Report to Parents.
    ? Meet the SENCO every term to discuss how the School is meeting the needs of pupils with SEN and keep up to date with any changes in provision;
    ? Use termly visits to the School to see the SEN provision in the School in action;
    ? With the agreement of the governing body, make representations on its behalf to the LEA.

    Practical Ways in which the SEN Governor can Support the School and their Governing Body
    ? When visiting the School and attending school functions notice how pupils with SEN are involved in the School. Are they involved in all aspects of school life including after school activities such as school plays and concerts?
    ? In consultation with the SENCO write the section in the Annual Governors? Report to Parents on the provision for pupils with SEN in school;
    ? Be involved in the School?s attempts to inform parents such as helping to organise and promote an open day/parents evenings to help families know more about the School?s approach to SEN.
  5. Thanks, I am a SENCo and need to prepare areport to the Governing body, which I will need to deliver and answer questions on etc. I hope this is clearer.
  6. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Okay, I would suggest the following as a minimum...

    ? Current numbers of the SEN register at the different stages (but not their names)
    ? Identification procedures for pupils with SEN
    ? Staffing arrangements for pupils with SEN
    ? Staff training
    ? Use of resources
    ? How pupils with SEN are ensured access to the curriculum
    ? Provision being made for individuals
    ? Progress on any parts of the School Improvement Plan relating to SEN
    ? Progress with the implementation of the SEN policy
    ? Whether statutory reporting requirements are being met
    ? Liaison with external agencies and support services
    ? Links with special/mainstream schools
    ? Communication with parents

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