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Help with year 1 lesson observation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by flower16, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. hi all i just wanted some advice and feedback on a lesson that i will be teaching to a group of mixed abilitly children in year 1. it has to be a reading activity based on little red riding hood story. i have thought of doing shared reading to start off with but dont know if it would be better to have the story on IWB or the actual story as i need children to be able to see it and join in. read the text and ask questions throughout pointing out langauge features, expression etc. then pick on character the wolf and present a picture where pupils in pairs to come up with adjectives to describe the character and then to feedback. im struggling with the idea of involving children as possible. it has to be 25 minutes activity, so any ideas and advice much appreciated. thanks
  2. Use the book.
    You do seem to be trying to squeeze a lot into 25 minutes though.

  3. hey thanks for replying, it's a reading activity which has to have a follow up so i thought of doing a quick character describing.
  4. Yes, the character descriptions are a good follow up. If you are looking at character descriptions I wouldn't be aiming to include all of the reading along etc in just 1 25 minute session.
  5. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Can I ask is this is for an interview for a job or do you know the children already?
  6. Hi, what is your learning objective and success criteria? I ask because like the OP has said you seem to be doing quite alot- it may end up that you dont actually acheive your LO.
  7. inq


    Could you do hotseating of a character (or 2) after reading the story, I get my Y1's to discuss with their partner a question they could ask and then choose people at random - sometimes I'm the character, sometimes they are.

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