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Help with WJEC English Language

Discussion in 'English' started by dylan83, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. I'm in my first year of teaching and my school have moved to WJEC this year. There are no schemes of work and whilst I've got through controlled assessments by myself, I'm struggling to know how to approach the exam. Our students are taking both units in June (in year 10) and so I'm starting to feel the pressure.
    Does anyone have any suggestions about how to approach the two units? I have the new text book and in the absence of schemes of work am just intending to work through the different sections, starting with writing (two lessons per section) and then reading. Language isn't my strength, though, so I don't know if this really works :/
  2. Hopefully, much of the revision you do will build on the skills from the controlled assessment stuff and the lessons you have taught. At this stage, I'd be inclined to work on the skills necessary for the Unit 2 writing, lots of short bits of practice for the class to work on the skills, a bit of timed work closer to the exams. For Unit 1, I think the text book gives lots of things that are useful for the unseen non-fiction. Use it as your starting point, develop your own ideas and resources to go alongside the text book. Students find text book stuff boring if there is too much of it. Develop a programme that mixes reading and writing skills. Closer to the exam, use past papers. The new Spec Unit 1 and Unit 2 are very similar to the old Paper 2 exam, so if you can source old exam papers, it will give you the material. Section A of Paper 2 (legacy spec) is the new Unit 1 and Section B is the new Unit 2. WJEC specimen assessment materials draw on legacy past papers. Hope tthat helps. Send me a PM if you want to talk through it further.

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