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Help with time off for bereavement

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by neffa2007, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Can anyone advise me as to what if any time off is allowed for the death of a father-in-law as I have just had a run in with my HT today and would like to have the facts at hand
  2. I would suggest contacting your union and have them talk to your SMT. If you have had a 'run in' at this difficult time, it is perhaps better for you to have someone else deal with it. You do have my condolences.
  3. Thanks for your help
  4. I think this must depend on your LEA. When my Nan died I had a similarly unsympathetic Head. I wanted 3 days off as the funeral was a long way away. He told me I could only have 1 paid and would "consider" if I could have the other time unpaid. I was in bits and called HR at County.

    They explained the policy was up to 5 days paid leave (and there was a list of which family members this counted but it was father, mother, husband, grandparent and step-I think).

    I spoke to my HT about this who basically told me I was lying. I then left it in the hands of my union. I ended up with the 3 days paid leave.

    I also agree that if whatever you are "allowed" is not sufficient time to grieve then go to your Dr. I went back way too early and although the kids were great, I think it was really unsettling for them to have a teacher who was red eyed and crying :-(

    I am sorry for your loss and hope that you get support so you can put yourself and family first x
  5. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    That's inhuman.
    I had to stop work completely when my husband was dying. He needed constant care (cancer) and I had 3 children to consider, too.
    I was certainly in no fit state to return to work within 6 days of his death - and the funeral was more than 6 days later, anyway.
  6. I agree! But I suppose they have to draw a line somewhere.....
    Many have had to return to work in between the death and funeral....

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