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Help with teaching sound.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by roddywoomble, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. roddywoomble

    roddywoomble New commenter

    Hey guys,
    Would appreciate a little bit of help with planning a lesson I'm having trouble with. I got an email with my planning for this particular science lesson which was:
    I know that sounds get fainter the further they are from the source. 3C
    I know how an echo is created. 3A
    I can remember how to change the pitch of an instrument. 3B

    These are obviously differnetiated outcomes based on chn's abilities. I'm just not sure as to how to cover all of them in one lesson. With the sounds getting fainter part, I'm thinking of getting a TA to bang a drum and to go further and further away from the room and we can observe the sound becoming fainter. Any ideas on how to plan this lesson?


  2. These are quite different objectives for one lesson. I tend to stick to closer objectives for my different abilities so the intro and plenary can draw on what they have already learnt, so I am not surprised that you are finding this troublesome,
    With my year 4s when we did sound I had some using their own observations and some using the log boxes to record how sound became quieter when the source was moved away (we have a sound box that makes a constant sound source).


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