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help with standards

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by gemmiepie26, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. Worry about it on Monday. It's Saturday night! Put X Factor on, order a pizza and FORGET about school!
  2. AS an NQT you have to show evidence of the Core standards, Q are done and dusted. Leave an email address and I'll send you what my NQTs use to gather their evidence - make it as easy as poss for yourself.

  3. Ooh please can i be cheeky and ask you to please send me a copy? i am totally confused as to what and how i am meant to be showing.

  4. Hi Lumpy golightly

    So to jump on the band wagon but would I be able to have a copy as well. I am in an independent school at the moment and I have been left to do everything myself. I am so confused on what I should be including within my file. I am leaving the school at Christmas and want my file to be upto date before I start my new school. My new school will include a good induction program as I know teachers who work there already. I have had no induction at all in my current school only the bits I have been able to do myself and press gang my head teacher into doing. I feel so let down I took this position with good intentions and it seems everything that was said to me in my interview, etc about there being an induction program was not true. So you would be helping me out so much.

    Thankyou in advance

  5. OOppps the above message was meant to say 'Sorry' not 'so' and in my rush I forgot to add my email address


    Thanks once again

  6. Hi

    Afraid I want to be on the bandwagon too..please may I have a copy?

    Thanks so much

  7. Lumpy golightly - you are so going to regret your generous offer of help and quickly get fed up of people like me asking you if you can include me in the email about evidence for the C standards! If you get chance I would really appreciate a copy too, my email is:


    Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Lumpy Golightly. Is there any chance I can also take advantage of your generous advice. I'm due to start my induction and would welcome any help possible. Thanks in advance

  9. Sorry to be a pain, but it is too late to ask for a copy too?
    Thank you

  10. Can you send me one too Lumpy - the real world may call again! I think you have my e-mail if not can you PM me through hitched?
  11. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Can i have one too?


  12. He he! I think this might be something that we all need?!? Any chance of putting it in resources???

    Failing that can I please have a copy too??? [​IMG]


    ta very muchly!!!

    BTW - has anyone else got a christmas review happening, well now ish? If so what are you having to show for this? Anyone had theires already??? It's Saturday night, I've been off ill all week with mild flu floowed by a chest infection made horrendiously worse by my asthma and I really do not need to be worrying like this on a Saturday night so anything useful would be great! [​IMG]

  13. Sorry to add my name to the list, but could I please have a copy too?

    Many thanks!


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