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Help with Polish Child?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Penguin1212, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Hi!
    I have had a boy start this Autumn (Year 6) from Poland, he has no English and I am trying but feeling a little lost to be honest. I have had EAL pupils start before but they have always had a little bit of extra support which has been invaluable. Our EAL support is now permanently attached to a class and its not really possible for her to be involved although she has been great with advice. I have other Polish children in class who have been a godsend in translating for me, they are fluent in both languages but I worry that this is holding his attempts to speak English back because he has them to translate. Also he can be a little distracting to these pupils (probably more to frustration than him being a pain) and its not fair on them. I have tried to translate everything into polish for him, so he can access it, but I have minimal time with him - I try to give him some time as the children are working independently but my class are very needy and this causes more of a distraction especially as I am trying to talk with him whilst expecting the others to work in silence. I have been using the British Council Website ---- I have all major phrases translated and my Polish girls are helping me pronounce these so I can try and converse.....over the past 7 days he now knows his colours, numbers to 20, all his letter sounds. Am I expecting too much? What should I do, I want to give him more than I am but I also have other pupils who need me? Plus after my first practice reading paper today 6/17 got an N! In addition to this I have a boy from Kuwait and I am struggling with him and his language - he seems to understand English but is not very forthcoming in chatting says yes all the time and I have a girl from the Phillepenes starting in a few weeks...! Sorry a little rant but any advice would be so willingly accepted ---- OH yeh to add on my Polish boy is dyslexic!!!!....
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Read all the advice on the thread about a child from Tobago. Similar situation.

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