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Help with other LSA's

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by poppered43, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. poppered43

    poppered43 New commenter

    Hi all
    This is my first post so hoping im putting it in the right place.

    Last Monday I started as an LSA at a special needs school. My background is working with adults with learning disabilities so never worked in a school before .
    Im struggling to get on withsome of the other LSAs , theres a total of 85 in the school and theres a couple who have for some reason or another taken a dislike to me...I have no idea why !!
    Standing out in the playground only 2 , who are lunchtime assistants ever say hello, the others just appear to huddle round .
    I was having a game with a little boy the other day and one of them marched over and told him he should be playing with the other kids and not talking to adults ! I was gobsmacked as this little lad is always so isolated !!
    I then had another run in with another that same day which left me tearful .
    So I sent an email saying id had enough and didnt think the job was suitable for me, the deputy head has rang me today and said I have the makings of a good LSA and advised the staff in question would be approached and told about their behaviour .
    Thing is, if I do go back then im going to look like a right b***h as these women have been there years and have a network...
    Anyone else been in the same position, or can anyone help.

  2. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    That Deputy saw something in you to make it worthwhile for them to encourage you to stay.

    If these are the kids you want to work with give it a try and don't let someone less important than your hopes get in your way
  3. mrmatt73

    mrmatt73 Occasional commenter

    Out of 85 LSA's, only 2 idiots isn't a bad percentage. In any new job, there are always people who may dislike a newbie for no real reason and like to assert the "I'm the boss" attitude for their own poor self-esteem (maybe). Keep with it and you will form your own friendship group ... think of the kids
  4. Saland45

    Saland45 New commenter

    Don't give up just yet...schools can be funny places....and in some cases you will just not gel with everyone...I have discovered that in some places staff have been there a long time and being a new person is like passing some sort of secret test they have for you!!!!! ....my best advice is you have to have a thick skin...smile and be friendly....and give it time........if you like working with the children focus whole heartedly on that.....I would say a term usually to settle in...and if after that things are no better there are other places to be!!!! Not everyone is like that.....x
  5. poppered43

    poppered43 New commenter

    Thankyou for the replies, I went in today, skin thickened and wearing a smile. Still not sure, getting little digs here and there but I came out at 3.15 pm feeling ok x
    dzil likes this.
  6. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I think you just need to remember why you are there . Colleagues can be hard work and schools difficult places but you are employed as a professional to do the best you can for the children in your charge. Maintain this as a priority as another poster suggests.
  7. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Unfortunately some think they are little kids still on the playground instead of professional adults in the workplace. I have experienced this type of behaviour several times. I just try to rise above it but it does get to me at times.
    To the digs perhaps "Is there a problem?" Might be enough. They shouldn't be in a huddle it isn't their break time they should be watching and interacting with the kids! Keep your head up and be professional. The DH is probably well aware of the "difficult" ones. I always greet new people and I have been there the longest we're not all like that. One arrived not liking me no reason that I know of and she still doesn't after years. I'm polite to her that's all. Good luck.
  8. poppered43

    poppered43 New commenter

    Thankyou minnie and snugglepot.
    I am kind of caring less about it all now , and think if I stick it out, I may say to the DH that maybe more needs to be put in place when somebody new starts.
    I thought I may "buddy up" with somebody, have a mentor too show me round ...but no nothing like that at all, ! I stand there like a lemon majority of the time, not knowing where to go, what to do, and thursday all the LSA s where I am were sitting round drinking tea in a circle , I just sat with the kids...talk about feeling awkward !, ive never known anywhere like it tbh !
    I thought id make myself useful and start putting letters home in the students diaries, but that was wrong !! I really dont know if I can hack it ...sorry for the moan, but it feels so much better writing it down
  9. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    It makes perfect sense for all new colleagues to have some sort of ' orienteering ' time. I don't understand why schools don't implement this as a matter of course ? Unfortunately the fact that this doesn't happen speaks volumes about your setting and why the ' clique ' scenario has been allowed to develop.Chin up!

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