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Help with NPQH application?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by gilly72, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. I am currently a Deputy Head of a large school (over 1000)

    I was previously unsuccessful with an NPQH application and have now worked hard to develop weak areas. I was wondering if anyone out there has been successful with the recent re-vamped course.

    Would anyone out there be kind enough to share their successful application form so that i can see the type of layout and level of detail needed?
  2. Hi - In Wales we are allowed to apply once a year. I have applied 6 times now and failed each year. I have attained from friends successful applications and have been amazed to find that the content in my own application is clearly much stronger. I have even based my application on similar lines to their successful applications and still not made it. I really do think it is all wrong as my own career has been strangulated to death by a system that fails to give me the equal opportunity of undertaking the NPQH. It really is an abysmal selection system that in truth is looking more and more like a lucky dip lottery.
    If you can leave me a contact email ad, I will let you see 3 successful applications.

    Regards Pete
  3. Hi
    If possible could I also have a look at those application forms. The hurdles we have to jump!!!!
    Thank you
  4. Hi Pete,

    Just about to apply for next round myself for first time- any chance of sharing these applications with me? Would be grateful for any help


  5. Hi Pete,
    I am in the process of applying for NPQH and have drafted about 2/3 of the application form. I would be really grateful to have a look at examples of successful applications to give myself the confidence that I am on the right track (or not!) There is not much guidance on the 3 reasons for knowing that one is ready for headship and though I can think of several and back them up with evidence, I would like some exemplars so that I format my answers appropriately.
    My email address is imaths@yahoo.com
    Thanks very much,
  6. Hi Jackie
    I am also in the middle of applying for headship. Do you have any tips? My email address is;
    Cheers sandra
  7. Hi Pete,

    I am currently a Deputy Head of a medium size primary school facing npqh application form!!!!!!
    Would you be kind enough to share any examples of successful application form so that I can see the type of layout and level of detail needed? I'am a bit frustrated at the moment........

    Kind regards,
    my email address is kashab@btinternet.com

  8. Hi Pete,
    I am sorry to hear that you have had six attempts to gain a place on the NPQH. A little hard to believe when we all know that there is such a demand for Headteachers. It really says something about the system. I like so many others have probably looked at the screen trying to get inside the minds of those we must impress!!! With little luck. I see that you have three successful applications and would be grateful if you could forward them to me. I would also be interested in your own as you have much stronger content. You wonder what the criteria really is. All the very best and good luck with your application. I hope that one day soon you are one of the successful ones!
  9. DM

    DM New commenter

    NPQH Headquarters 2010:
    Terry is opening the post.
    "Oh terrific, yet another application based on those doing the rounds on the TES website."
    Paula looks up from her work.
    "Chuck it over here then Terry. I can see your bin is already full".
  10. I am looking to apply in this round, and would really appreciate looking at some sample application forms.
    If anyone is willing to share, I would be really grateful.
    Thanks - sarahsantos@btinternet.com

  11. DM

    DM New commenter

    NQPH Headquarters. Terry is monitoring this site.
    "Paula, could you add the name Sarah Santos to the REJECT LIST?"
  12. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Sarah Santos, Sandra Ulett, K Ashab, Julie Edkins. . .
    It really is not advisable to look at someone else's application for ANYTHING. It's all too easy to be over-influenced by what you've read, and then unwittingly include phrases or even whole sentences from the other person's work. Involuntary plagiarism, yet still plagiarism.
    UCAS are using plagiarism software to spot similarities between personal statements in undergraduate applications. PGCE courses are too, for trainee teachers. Local Authorities are getting on to the bandwagon, and using the software for applications for teaching posts. Don't you think the NPQH lot are likely to be following the crowd? Be daft to have your application thrown into the bin for this, and your chances of becoming a Head stymied.
    Stymied for ever.
    It is also very unwise to have your real name on a public forum; 70% of employers do a search on applicants for posts. I have just googled one of the people above - the one who, Google tells me, is a Deputy Headteacher at B********* M***** S***** in L******* B******. In a few years' time (assuming she gets her NPQH) she could be applying for a Headship and I could google her and discover that in 2010 she was asking for help with her application . . . Not the best start for a shortlisting committee to see that.
    And finally, to put your e-mail on a public forum in its actual form is just asking for spam. The web-crawlers will find it and sell it. If you must put your e-mail somewhere public (preferably without your real name), then do it in this format: theo dot griff at hotmail dot com so that it cannot be recognised by the crawlers.
    Yes, I know that you think that I am a sad old bloke, interfering in this way. But I am telling you this for your own good.
    Honest, folks, this is NOT a good idea!
  13. Hi
    I am struggling with the readiness for Headship part at the end. I would appreciate any guidance from other people who have been through the process. 2 area's for development....are these best to be whole school issues that need addressing? or for example learning more about finance and governance??? Help
    My email is: helen.georgia@yahoo.co.uk if anyone had any good advice!!
    Thanks Helen
  14. I would just like to add that I do not wish to see any forms....I have my own content....just some tips or words of wisdom!
    Thanks Helen
  15. I am utterly amazed that people who think they are ready to take on a Head's job are openly asking to see other people's applications. A headteacher needs to command respect and
    I would have no respect for any of the people on an open forum requesting copies of other people's applications. Shame on you - you do not deserve the job.
  16. And just look at the date of the original post!
  17. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Have you read the rest of this thread at all?
    If you're serious about wanting to be a headteacher, then being able to fill out your own application without seeing someone else's is right at the bottom end of 'things heads have to be able to do blindfold'.
  18. Hi Pete
    Can you please send me the successful applications by e mail?
    I applied last year but got rejected.
    It would be great if you could send me the applications.
    My email id is - cutesexygirl@yahoo.co.in
    Kindly help me with it

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