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Help with Narrative y2

Discussion in 'English' started by dee21, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. At our school, we use Pie Corbett story map when writing stories. We
    had noticed that the chidren struggle with inventing their own story
    and especially struggle the the middle of the story.Here is an extract
    from one of my children's work. This child will hopefully be a level 2a
    at the end of Y2 (SATS results due in 3 week after holiday!!!) I feel is
    one of the best middles in the class and just wondered how other
    teachers help their pupils to extend the middle of their stories. Any
    strategies would be useful!!
    All spellings and punctuation are as the child writes them in their book
    mints later Princess Laura drove and drove and drove until she got
    lost. Just then she reelised she was trapped in a maze. All she could
    see was green bushes and all she hurd was tiny little mise and birds
    flaying and she felt worried. At that second she heard a giggle
    "Nanananana". It was a cowgirl so she ran away. Suddenly Laura fell
    down a deep deep hoel. In a flash Laura remberd that she brought her
    rope so laura grabbed her rope and climbed out of the hoel. Whithout
    delay laura tired the mean, horrid and nasty cowgirl up. "get me
    out!!!" she screamed loudly. 10 seconds later laura used her useful
    phone to phone the helpful, friendly and kind ploice. Now Princess
    laura could have time to relax BUT that is another story.
    Thank you


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