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Help with music research please!

Discussion in 'Music' started by heather96, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. heather96

    heather96 New commenter

    Hello, I am a third year undergraduate currently doing her dissertation. I have a questionnaire that I really need responses for so I can continue my research. If you have any experience with education could you take a look? If it seems like this research would be suitable for you to answer to could you kindly take some time to go through it. It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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  2. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    Done-good luck with your research.
  3. heather96

    heather96 New commenter

    Thank you so much!
  4. ViolaClef

    ViolaClef Lead commenter

    I've completed you questionnaire, too. There were a couple of questions where I wasn't quite sure what you were after, but I hope I've written something helpful for your research.
  5. muso2

    muso2 Occasional commenter Community helper

    Done. Was this aimed at teachers of subjects other than music though? As a music teacher, the answer to most of the questions was yes (e.g. do you use music in your lessons). Just wondered if you might get a broader range of responses by sharing on the primary or secondary forums.
    Good luck with your dissertation.

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