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Help with maths website request

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by lorralaffs, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Hi
    I have a non-revenue maths website which gets around 2500 users per day, helping children with ks2 maths. I want to re-invent it as a cartoon based site that shows how much fun and how relevant maths is to everyday life. So it will be very different from all of the other great content on the web in that it doesn't seek to replicate the National Curriculum, but will feature the quirky side of maths. It will also have a high humour content.
    However I am not a teacher or trained in maths education so am looking for help with suitable content for each of the year groups. If you have some time available then I would love to hear from you. I cannot offer renumeration but can offer the opportunity to be a partner in what I hope will be the funkiest maths website in the galaxy ( other galaxies are available).
    I have not shown the existing website url here as I am not sure if it is allowed.
  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    I would recommend you do a search for adwords or google ads.

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