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Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by emmamc252, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. emmamc252

    emmamc252 New commenter

    Hi, just looking for some advice.
    decided this year to accept a marking contract from OCR, haven't marked with the before, no training, standardisation was just mark 10 papers online etc. anyway, my team leader has taken FOREVER to get back to us on everything! It needed to be completed by monday and I a away this weekend so after trying to let him get back to me for the past week marking about 20 papers a day i was left with a couple of hundred left over. The "seedings" I had had with these was fine so I figured I would just have to press on.
    Didn't hear at all from him on tuesday or yesterday so he hadn't checked any of the responses I had submitted but again what am I supposed to do, wait until he does and then not be able to finish?
    so I have kept going and finshed them this morning. (I am part time and off yesterday and today)
    I have just got an email saying he has checked another 2 and i have undermarked them. there wasn't a problem with the first 80+ that he had checked and I don't see why my marking would have changed. am just really worried now that the rest will be out. What happens if they are? I've finished the allocation but only had about 1/4 of them checked because he is so slow.
    its really driving me mad because I don't think its fair that he has taken so long to get back to us
    can he ask me to do lots of them again now? I had no option but to finish them, its not my fault that he likes to mark at a snails pace!!!
    Will be very annoyed if I have done all this work and end up not getting paid for it all.
    any advice on what I should expect???.

  2. Hi,

    I mark for AQA but I imagine it's similar. If it is decided you are slightly under then they just 'rectify' it afterwards by adding however many marks across your whole allocation. They don't really mind you being a bit out as long as you are consistent - and 'within tolerance' i.e. up to 3 marks out. I think you did the right thing to just get them done and I wouldn't worry about it too much. They'll still pay you! AQA give grades and I remember one year I rushed mine and got a 'C' but no big deal, they still invited me nest year.

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