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Help with MA questionnaire please

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Appleton_ICT, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Hi all I am currently studying a Research Methods module for my MA and would like some input as to questions that would help me to achieve my aim. I am looking into whether ICT facilities at home have an effect on grades in ICT at school. My assumption is yes they do, but I am conducting a survey on students at my school next week. Last time I posted a link to a survey on tes I was slated for my questions by other teachers, so I humbly ask for your help here. Ideas for questions so far are:

    Do you have a PC or laptop at home?

    Do you have easy access to a PC or laptop outside of school?

    Do you have Internet access?

    Have you used any other device for schoolwork? (Mobile, Ipod, Ipad etc.)

    How many hours a week do you use a PC or laptop at home for schoolwork?

    How many hours a week do you use a PC or laptop at home for entertainment?

    Would you describe your parents/carers as being ?computer literate??

    Do your parents encourage you to use a computer for schoolwork?

    Do you think that using a computer at home has helped your computer literacy in school?

    <hr />

    Any more questions or improvements to these are very much appreciated.
  2. All sound good to me, although I think I might edit the phrases 'computer lierate' and 'computer literacy' to something more student-friendly (depending on what age/ability you are questioning). Good luck!
  3. *literate*
    Had another thought about this too - maybe you could give the students a list of tasks that can be done on a computer then you, as the researcher, can determine computer literacy - e.g Can your parents/carers: send an email? use the internet to look up things they are interested in? write a letter using Word? watch a video/TV show online? etc.
    Again, good luck!
  4. Yes I see I was thinking I would have to explain that, but a set of sub questions would help a lot, would be interesting so see the pattern between which students can do these things and which parents, thanks a lot! I will create a preliminary survey later on and post a link so you can see what you think, cheers!

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