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HELP!!! with lower ability maths group.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by nikkilee19, May 7, 2011.

  1. I'm an NQT in my first full time post, I'm teaching one of two year 4 classes, things are going well but I'm struggling with some lower ability children in my maths group. I teach the lower of the two maths groups and there are about 7 children who are currently working at levels 1/2. I differentiate the lessons so that it's virtually two different lessons for these chidlren and the rest of the group.
    I use different hands on equipment with this small group, their learning is mostly kinaesthtic and group work. they have simpler tasks to complete and have a TA working with them four days out of the 5. The problem is they are not showing progress in the tests.
    We are working towards using maths APP but currently the children are given maths tests at the end of every term. These lower ability children really struggle to access the tests so they are showing no progress. They are either at the same level or have gone BACKWARDS since September. :(
    The Maths co ordinator at school has been really supportive and supported my ideas, but we are at a loss. Any help or ideas would be great as it's very frustrating.



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