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Help with letter to governors please - Full time to part time after maternity

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by naomi58, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. naomi58

    naomi58 New commenter

    What working pattern are you going to request? I can PM you my letter as an example, but I've only dropped to 0.8, so my argument will be different to someone who wanted to work less hours.
  2. Hi Naomi58,

    Thanks for your reply. I'd love to see your letter if you don't mind sharing. I'd like to go down to 2 or 3 days per week. (I've go to do a bit of maths first to see if I could survive on 2 days pay.) If 3 days, Monday, Tuesday and Friday would be ideal (I think??)

    Hanachan x
  3. trish82

    trish82 New commenter

    Hi Hanachan. I can't help with the letter, but I'm considering going back part-time and just wanted to let you kow that you ay not be any worse off financially going back part-time. For me to go back full time, I'm looking at £800 a month for nursery costs. When I calculated what I would earn part time (taking into account diesel costs, less tax and NI and lower student oan payments...and of course childcare vouchers), I would only be ~£70 better off each month if I work full time versus 3 days. I'm a stickler for a budget tho so have calculated everything to the penny!! Just thought I'd pop in my tuppence worth to let you know that you could make it work going part-time. Good luck with the letter. T x
  4. Hi,
    I don't think I can be much help I'm afraid as I haven't actually requested part time yet, however, I am planning on doing so. I have found this http://www.atl.org.uk/Images/ADV55%20Working%20part%20time%20after%20maternity%20-%20May%202012.pdf on atl's website which includes a sample letter. I know that my head teacher will want to go about the request in a very formal way, no just having a chat about it and then putting it in writing, so I think I will use this letter as a basis (although it is very formal!).
    I hope that helps a bit! I also agree with Trish, for us, we don't gain much by me working full time compared to 2 or 3 days (I also have my budget spreadsheet!), but I do work a distance away from home so fuel costs are a lot.

  5. trish82

    trish82 New commenter

    Me too Shelll...over an hour to work and back so fuel costs are a major for us too
  6. Hello, if you haven't already submitted your letter email me sarahturner@freeola.com and I'll share mine if it's any use. I got exactly what I requested with it!
  7. Hi Sarah

    I planning on requesting part time in the next few weeks and I'm wondering whether you wouldn't mind sending me your letter as well please? My email is lauragillott@yahoo.co.uk

  8. Hi. Is there any chance you still have this letter? This is exactly what I'd like to request and would be so helpful to read yours. Thank you so much in advance x
  9. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    The original post is over 2 year old?.

    But Theogriff has some excellent blogs on how to compose your request letter.

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