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Help with lesson please all! x

Discussion in 'Primary' started by richbreeds, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. richbreeds

    richbreeds New commenter

    Right for my observation with my Year 6 class my learning objective is- To use a variety of sentence openers.

    I am going to show the children pictures from Shaun Tan books and get them to construct sentences with different openers.

    I am having trouble thinking of how to stretch my more ables who are higher level 5s. Also I am not too sure yet what to do for my Level 2 children. Any ideas guys???

  2. richbreeds

    richbreeds New commenter

    O.K- i am nearly sorted now.

    My Lowers are going to be given some sentences and change the openers.
    My middles will have a sort of storyboard of pictures and write sentences, using different openers underneath.

    It is just my more able children- really don't know how to stretch them. Any ideas please????
  3. Did you say this is for year 6?
    I did a very similar activity with that LO for my year 2 children a few weeks ago.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I am doing a similar thing with my year 6s this week, but as a starter activity. I couldn't justify doing it all lesson, except with my least able.

    The most able will be leading the start activity and the next most able will be changing word order as well as openers.
  5. richbreeds

    richbreeds New commenter

    Yes it is Year 6.

    It is something my class drastically needs. 99% of them start every single sentence with 'the' or 'they'

    I am sure there is no other way to phrase the L.O for them, other than the way I am using!
  6. richbreeds

    richbreeds New commenter

    I see what you are saying. My class are a very low ability class. Mostly level 2s and 3Cs. I do have a couple of more able children though. I don't know how I can change things to make it more appropriate. I don't want to be slated for it not being age appropriate you see!

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